Sean Connery: what was the cause of his death

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The day after the 90-year-old actor’s death, the widow, Micheline Roquebrune, “the real Bond girl”, spoke.

Micheline Roquebrune, the widow of Sean Connery, who died this Saturday at the age of 90 in the Bahamas, revealed that the actor suffered in recent months from senile dementia and that he died in his quiet bed and in the company of his family.

In statements published by the British newspaper Daily Mail, Roquebrune explained that, due to illness, “It was no longer life for him. Lately he was unable to express himself.”

The widow, of Franco-Moroccan origin and who was the second wife of the Scottish actor that popularized the super agent James Bond, considered that her husband was “a wonderful model of man” and that both shared “a wonderful life”.

“At least died in his sleep and it was very peaceful. I was with him the whole time and it just went off. It’s what I wanted, to leave without making noise, “said Roquebrune, who is considered “the real Bond girl”.

For his widow, “it will be very difficult without him, but he could not last forever and he went calmly.”

Connery y Roquebrune They were married in Gibraltar in 1975, five years after meeting at a golf tournament, a sport they were both very fond of.

The actor had already been married to Diane Cilento, with whom she had her son Jason.

Born Thomas Sean Connery in Edinburgh, Scotland, on August 25, 1930, into a humble family, with a Catholic father and a Protestant mother, the first actor He thought about being a soccer player, but put that idea aside when at 18 he was 1.90 meters tall and he didn’t know how much he was going to keep growing.

With 20 years and taking advantage of his height and his worked physique (I practiced weights and bodybuilding) appeared in several competitions and achieved third place in the Mister Universo. It was already starting to attract attention.

At that time, it was also very common for members of different gangs in Edinburgh to be fought with punches. He was gaining fame as a tough man, something that later, He could do well for his tough roles in many of his films.

He resigned his idea of ​​being a footballer when he realized that, around 30 years old, he could no longer be playing professionally. “That’s why I chose to be an actor and it was one of the smartest decisions I made in my life,” he said.

He enlisted in the British Royal Navy, from which he was discharged due to health problems. He was a model in an art school and participated as a supporting actor in a performance of the musical South Pacific, first in Edinburgh and then on a tour of the British Isles.

In 1954 he came to the cinema in small roles, until three years later the director Cy Enfield, who had seen him on stage, became obsessed with him and included him in his film Hell Drivers, in which he had for the first time a role of some relevance.

Before reaching Satanic Dr. No, his peak of popularity, he did a lot of work for British television.

The Bond series continued with Golden fingers (1964), de Guy Hamilton, Operation Thunder (1965), de Young, We only live Twice (1967), de Lewis Gilbert, Diamonds are eternal (1971), by Hamilton, and Never say never (1983), by Irvin Keshner, his farewell to the character after 12 years without assuming the role.


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