“Scrap for home appliances” starts soon: how much money does the state give you if you want a new laptop

The “Household Scrap” program will begin on December 15. Here’s everything you need to know if you want to give up old appliances in the house and buy new ones.

The state comes again this year with the program “Scrap for appliances”, the one through which you receive vouchers if you give up the old appliances in the house and buy new ones. Whether it is a washing machine, stove or vacuum cleaner, the state has a total allocated budget of 40 million lei.

Basically, approximately 100,000 Romanians can benefit from this program.

How the “Scrap for Home Appliances” program works

The program starts on December 15, announced the Minister of Environment, Mircea Fechet.

“The program starts in a few days. The Guide for financing this program has already been published in the Official Gazette today. Also today, I asked the president of the Environment Fund Administration to sign the decision by which this program actually starts. In a very short time and as soon as all traders will register and validate in this program, Romanians can benefit from this financing. The population will be able to actually shop through the ‘Scrap for Home Appliances’ Program starting with December 15 of this year. Practically, every Romanian can benefit from the purchase of nine categories of products. There are also some novelty elements in this program and we thought that the overlap with the winter holidays could bring an added value and an added efficiency for this program “, said Fechet.

Here are some products you can buy with “Scrap for home appliances”.

“We finance a maximum of 50% of the value of an equipment. Here we have a novelty – the fact that we have introduced, compared to previous years, four new product categories, respectively: vacuum cleaners, tumble dryers, tablets and laptops. As for the value of each voucher, we have proposed the amount of 500 lei for laptops, 400 lei for dishwashers, air conditioners (including portable ones), refrigerators or refrigerators, TVs and tumble dryers, 300 lei for washing machine and for tablets. At the same time, for the purchase of vacuum cleaners we offer a voucher of 200 lei.

Vouchers, electronic only

It should be noted that these vouchers will be issued electronically, and to obtain them you need a few simple steps, as the minister explained:

  • every Romanian will enter the website of the Environmental Fund where they only have to enter their personal data and the category of equipment for which they want to benefit from the voucher
  • an electronic voucher will be issued that can be used both physically, in a merchant’s store and electronically on the merchants’ website within a maximum of 15 days
  • if it is not used, that amount may be made available to another beneficiary who wishes to enroll in the program as long as there are still sufficient funds

Every Romanian can request at most one voucher for each category of products.

“The condition is to take either to the physical store, or to hand over to the courier when purchasing a product an old appliance from the same category. Here we have two exceptions – for tumble dryers it is not necessary to hand over exactly one tumble dryer, but another old appliance, and other types of appliances can be handed over for dishwashers. In the case of laptops and tablets we want to shut down old computers and there will have to be handed over an old computer. Every Romanian can benefit from one or more vouchers from each category. Basically, having nine categories, I can get nine different vouchers. Compared to previous years, when the processing of financing files was done exclusively manually, this year we asked colleagues that the whole process of issuing vouchers, but especially the validation of these vouchers for settlement by merchants to be a digital, automated and to happen in real time “, said Mircea Fechet


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