Schwartzman: I hope everything goes well in Bahrain

Two stages before the end of the season in Formula 2, Robert Shwartzman takes 5th place in the individual standings of the youth series, but in an interview with the press service of the Ferrari Racing Academy, of which he is a listener, the Russian driver said that he intends to fight to the end.

Q: You still have chances for the title, even though you are behind the series leader 51 points: what will be your approach to the remaining races?
Robert Schwartzman: I will do everything in my power. I really want to finish the championship with the highest possible result, earn as many points as possible, and I want to make improvements in those areas in which I did not succeed in everything during the season.

In general, the main goal is to show good results, and also, perhaps, to enjoy the work, so that there is satisfaction at the end of the season. Therefore, now I am fully focused on preparing for the remaining races. I hope everything goes well.

Q: You are one of the drivers who have moved from Formula 3 to F2 this year, and it was clear that you have made significant progress. Are you satisfied with the way the season has been going?
Robert Schwartzman: During the season there were both good and bad – unfortunately, there were more troubles than I expected. Therefore, on the whole, I cannot say that I am fully satisfied with how everything is going. But I hope that the final two phases in Bahrain will lead to improvements and a sense of satisfaction will emerge.

Of course, this was my first year in Formula 2, and I had a lot to learn. The transition from F3 to F2 is a really serious step, and I hope that during the two Bahraini stages we will prove that we are progressing and moving forward.

Question this year you have shown excellent results more than once, but can you choose any one race that you consider the most important?
Robert Schwartzman: It’s very difficult to do, I really can’t pick one race. The first victory in Austria was a great success, this is only my third start in F2. The race was crazy, and I dedicated that victory to my father, which was very important to me.

But I also liked the Hungaroring race and the victory in Budapest was also special. But I can say the same about winning the Spa! All this was very cool, I have the most vivid memories.

Q: How important is it for a young pilot to count on the support of the Ferrari Racing Academy (FDA)?
Robert Schwartzman: Of course, this is very important for everyone who studies at the Ferrari Academy. It’s like a family where you are really supported, and I think that the FDA is the best possible option for a rider who dreams of getting into Formula 1 in the future. So, of course, many young riders want to study here.



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