Schwartzman: “Federer would like to have fewer options sometimes before hitting a blow, like Messi”

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Since his semi-final at Roland Garros, he has joined a very closed club. That of the 10 best players in the world. And Diego Schwartzman does not intend to stop there. Now number 9 at ATP, the little Argentinian is more than ever in contention for a place in the London Masters, which explains his presence this week in Cologne to grab precious points. Obviously, the person, although discreet, is more and more sought after by the media. He thus granted here a few days in which he notably lingered on the “Big 3”.

In 20 confrontations against the three monsters of world tennis, Schwartzman has won only once. It was a few weeks ago in the quarter-final of the Masters 1000 in Rome against Rafael Nadal, before the latter took a resounding revenge on the side of the Porte d’Auteuil. For him, the Serbian and the Spaniard pose a similar challenge. “I think the big difference when you play against the best, like Djokovic and Nadal, is that they have no weaknesses. It’s like playing against a perfect wall, the ball comes back with effect, or they send it to you at your weak spot. Looks like a bullet launcher, they have amazing timing“, he estimated.

Roger plays all the strokes of tennis with the same grip, it’s inexplicable and spectacular

Then the Argentinian brought up the Roger Federer case. He has never hidden his admiration for the Swiss, and even before discussing his game, he revealed some anecdotes about their relationship. “Roger, I treat him like he’s my best friend. He and his team have a brand of pasta as a sponsor and I’m carrying him with that. I ask them each time when they will cook for me. During the last FIFA World Cup (in 2018 in Russia, editor’s note), he kept sleeping with Argentina during Wimbledon. We are constantly passing the buck. He imitates my pronunciation of ‘Roger’ (‘Rock’), we have a beautiful relationship.”

But beyond the affinities, Schwartzman also detailed what makes the strength of the Bâlois racket in hand. “On a tennis level, what Roger is doing is inexplicable. He performs every shot imaginable with the same grip. He says like Messi sometimes he would rather have fewer options before hitting a shot, one or two instead of ten. When it is ‘on fire’ it can play bulging bullets, damper or missile at 200 km / h with the same catch. Everything is natural, but he also worked a lot. It’s spectacular“, ignited” El Peque “.

If the Argentinian does qualify for the Masters, he will not have the opportunity to meet his friend Federer at the Masters in London, but he could well rub shoulders with Nadal and Djokovic again. Before a reunion with the Swiss on the courts of Melbourne in January 2021? He would certainly be delighted.



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