With the record for Grand Prix victories equaled and world titles falling, Michael sSchumacher he will lose the first solo position of the Formula 1 statistical table in two of the great figures. You still have a few left, which Lewis Hamilton you will have to fight to overcome.

In 2008, the seven-time champion resigned himself to the fact that this was going to happen. By then, Hamilton He was a strong candidate for the title (which he won in the unforgettable Brazilian GP that year) alongside Felipe Massa, that it seemed that he was going to be a leading rider and that that year he touched glory. Even though he was just a promising kid then, Schumacher already foresaw that Sebastian Vettel he could be a great champion in the future.

“Absolutely yes (they could beat their record),” he replied in an interview that has recovered these days on the occasion of Hamilton’s 91st victory.

“Nobody thought, not even myself, that I could surpass the five titles of Fangio and then i did and increased it to seven. The records are to be broken, and either Lewis, Massa, Sebastian Vettel or whoever, present or future, will. I have no problem with it, “he said.

Schumacher and Hamilton did not coincide in the Mercedes team, since the ‘kaiser’ retired in 2012 to leave his place precisely that of Stevenage, from McLaren. Since then, coinciding with the arrival of the hybrid era in Formula 1, the dominance of the German team has been such that from 2014 to this same year they have not stopped winning.

The contribution of the seven-time champion for the creation of a strong Mercedes project was key in understanding subsequent successes.