Schumacher, Schwartzman and Ilott will train in F1

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The Nurburgring really wanted to see the Formula 2 stage with the participation of Mick Schumacher, there was no money for it, but the German fans will still see Mick.

The Ferrari Youth Academy today confirmed that three Formula 2 trainees this year – Mick Schumacher, Robert Schwarzman and Callum Ilott – will be training Friday in Formula 1.

Schumacher and Ilott will do this in the coming weekend – at the Nurburgring, Mick will drive an Alfa Romeo instead of Antonio Giovinazzi, and Callum will replace Roman Grosjean in a Haas F1.

Robert Schwartzman makes his debut in the official Formula 1 session at the stage in Abu Dhabi.



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