F1 legends Michael Schumacheria and Lewis Hamiltonia combines an uncompromising desire to be perfect, says Mercedes Railroad Engineer, who has worked closely with both Andrew Shovlin.

In the previous race, Hamilton rose alongside Scumacher in the number of wins. Both now have a stack of 91 wins

Shovlin believes many still underestimate Hamilton.

– He works really hard. Other drivers may think that he is just a good fast car because of, but he is one of the most strongly jobs paiski the drivers with whom I have ever worked with, Shovlin says.

According to the engineer, this is reflected in Hamilton’s attention to the smallest details. Together with his race team, he researches lap and tire data, for example, to find the slightest opportunity to improve lap time.

– He’s unyielding. Every little mistake is something that needs to be fixed for the next race weekend. He does his best to understand and hone off the problems.

Schumi set the standards

According to Shovlin, the same features apply to Schumacher.

Shovlin worked with the German after his return to the F1 series at the wheel of a Mercedes in 2010. Although the three seasons were disappointing in light of the results, Shovlin saw why Schumacher had previously dominated the series with Ferrari.

– Michael had the ability to adapt his driving style to the way the car required at any given time. If the car understeered, he was able to drive, as well as if there were problems with the front tires.

Like Hamilton, Schumacher was even more precise about the small details.

– Michael is always looking for small benefits. Even if they were a thousandth of a second.

The meticulous and hard work on the track connected the duo. That’s where the commonalities end.

– As characters, they couldn’t be more different, Shovlin describes.

Hamilton is reluctant to present his private life and take a stand for social issues. Schumacher, on the other hand, visually protected his private life during his active career. The line has continued for the family when Schumacher was seriously injured in a ski accident in 2013.