Schmidt furious with Nijhuis for a penalty decision: ‘Maybe he doesn’t know the rules’

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Roger Schmidt does not understand at all that referee Bas Nijhuis on Sunday returned to his decision to give the Eindhoven team a penalty in the final seconds of Vitesse-PSV (2-1). The coach feels badly disadvantaged and is furious.

‘It was not our afternoon’

PSV player Jorrit Hendrix was run in the back in the last minute of the extra time by Vitessenaar Eli Dasa. Nijhuis pointed to the dot, but looked at the images on the advice of the VAR and reversed his decision. After the final whistle, Schmidt went to get story.

“And I am still angry. I asked him why he went to view the footage while he himself was five meters away. You are only allowed to view the footage if an obvious mistake has been made,” Schmidt told later. FOX Sports.

“This was not an obvious mistake. Maybe he doesn’t know the rules. I asked him and all he said to me was if I wanted a yellow or red card.”

Jorrit Hendrix was the occasional captain at PSV against Vitesse. (Photo: ANP)

Shortly after the loss against Vitesse, occasional captain Hendrix was milder about Nijhuis’s decision. I don’t think it’s smart what Dasa did, but it’s not for me to judge this. It’s a penalty that you can or can’t give. It’s been debatable so many times, “he said.

PSV missed many players in Arnhem, mainly due to corona infections, which meant that there were only five players on the reserve bench, of which only three are field players. “The coronavirus concerns everyone in the world, including us. We were motivated to fire, but it didn’t work out,” said Hendrix.

“The second half was nice, but it was too late. Not everything works for that and we were unhappy with 1-0 behind from a standard situation. That happens to us a little too often. We fought back well, but it was not our afternoon. . “

The defeat in Arnhem means that PSV has lost the lead in the Eredivisie to Ajax, which already won 0-13 against VVV-Venlo on Saturday.

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