Scandal with the Matrix 4 film crew: they are accused of having made a clandestine party, in Germany

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Producer Warner Bros argues that the event, with 200 people, a DJ, fireworks and dancing, was the last scene in the film. But there were no cameras.

To the film crew of Matrix 4 scandal surrounds him. In Germany they are accused of having organized a farewell party this past week, with hundreds of people, at the end of the filming of the film. The context is that, in that country, they are at the peak of infections, with 23,542 cases in just 24 hours, more than 750,000 positive cases since the start of the pandemic and some 12,200 deaths.

These figures led to establish in recent days, strong restraining measures. In mid-October, Chancellor Angela Merkel asked her compatriots to stay home, cut back on their contacts, and not take trips. And since the beginning of November, bars and restaurants are closed, as well as cultural activities, gyms, cinemas, museums.

The measures apply throughout the month to try to reduce the effects of this second wave affecting Germany and to all of Europe.

That is why the news that the production team of the famous saga of the film violated these rules and organized a party with about 200 people, among whom are the directors (the sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski) and the protagonists, Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss.

The clandestine party was in the town of Potsdam, about 45 minutes from Berlin. According to the German newspaper image, the meeting took place in the Babelsberg studios, where of course there was no lack of alcohol at will.

One of the guests told the newspaper that the party was overdone, and that, although everyone had to wear a chinstrap, in the middle of the party, many stopped wearing it.

He also assured that rapid Covid tests were carried out to all those who entered but later, many people crowded in front of a stage without respecting social distance.

Among the details that emerged from the scandalous reunion, it is known that there was a DJ playing live music, a busy dance floor and a dance show. They also assure that there were positions where guests could get tattoos and Bedouin-style tents to rest.

Guests had sushi, wine, sake, and desserts and the end was with a fireworks display.

Apparently, the party was organized under the secret name of “the ice cream team event” and was not authorized. According to the Potsdam city council, which had no record of this event taking place, meetings can only be held with previously approved hygiene protocols. Y no more than 50 people can participate.

According imageThe Wachowski sisters, creators of the saga, participated in the clandestine party, as did its protagonist, Keanu Reeves, who was with his girlfriend, the artist Alexandra Grant.

Production company Warner Bros, meanwhile, gave its version of the scandal. One of her spokespersons said that it was a moment of filming. “According to the production department, it was the last day of filming and it was about a celebration scene. They were adapted to hygiene standards. The production deliberately placed this scene, with so many people involved, at the end of the shoot, “he said.

But, denying that version by the producer, according to the German newspaper, there were no cameras or any kind of filming during the party.




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