Scandal in Independiente: they hacked a meeting by Zoom of opponents and threatened them with death

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“It is a thing of barrabrava, sent by someone,” he assured Clarion one of the referents who had called the meeting.

Suddenly, everything became strange in the meeting by Zoom that the opposition groups of Independiente were having and in which referents of several rocks of the Avellaneda club also participated. In the final stretch of the virtual meeting, a couple of unknown users broke in using masks, which they insulted and threatened to those present for minutes. The situation became tense and most of the attendees, who at first did not know what it was about, were disconnected when they saw that what was happening was not normal.

“It was an unfortunate event. When I was closing, these two or three hackers appeared and began to threaten death. A thing of barrabrava, sent by someone “, he commented Juan Torres, a reference to the Red List, the group that convened the conclave, to Clarion.

It was the first congress of groups, movements and clubs of the club. In addition to the Red List, Authentic Reds, Independent People, Independent Mystic, Traditional Independent Group, Independent Youth, New Red Generation, Pure Red Feeling, Present Independent Movement and King of Cups Movement participated.

“We are hacking their accounts. We already have their addresses registered to kidnap and kill them. Sons of bitches.”was heard from one of the hackers who appeared on camera with the Guy Fawkes mask, popularized in the movie V for Vendetta.

Do you suspect any sector of the ruling party led by President Hugo Moyano? “We have several suspicions, but we can not throw names without evidence. That is why we hired three computer companies to detect who it was and from there make the criminal complaint, of course,” Torres explained.

And he added: “As the saying goes, ‘Sancho barks, signal that we ride.’ candidacies or anything. Someone must be worried. Fortunately, there will be a year and a half before the elections, if they don’t drop a bomb. “

A few weeks ago, the different opposition actors met in the club with members of the current Board of Directors to learn about the real economic situation of Independiente. However, many left unsatisfied, arguing that they did not get the full information on the numbers. A second meeting was to take place last week, but it was suspended a day earlier.

For now, no one has concrete tools to link what happened with the anonymous hackers with these encounters that did not satisfy the parties. At the moment, there is nothing but suspicions and it will be necessary to see if they can discover the identity of these people who managed to get into the Zoom to intimidate the opposition of the Diablo.



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