Director Dinu Tănase, who has led this entity since its inception, revealed some of the behind the scenes of the conflict. “I bring to your attention a last desperate gesture of those who want to destabilize UPFAR-ARGOA. The plot against UPFAR-ARGOA has finally acquired a concrete “target”. The target is me … “Beheaded and you will get your hands on UPFAR-ARGOA” seems to be the urge to fight our opponents. I am the beheaded one (obviously) because the other members of the Board of Directors (Laurenţiu Oprea and Cristian Dumitrescu) voted at the last council my revocation from the position of general director – member of the council – without a decision of the General Assembly in this regard. I don’t care about the board of directors if the decision was taken by some people – MANUFACTURERS – that would really mean something to UPFAR-ARGOA. The two are not producers, members of UPFAR-ARGOA, but are mandated by the televisions they represent. Neither of them can become general manager due to the provisions of the UPFAR-ARGOA statute. Given the situation created, I decided to resign from the Board of Directors. It was the only dignified and correct solution to end, at least from within, the conspiracy against us. I do not belong to this administrative function. We created UPFAR-ARGOA and for 20 years, starting from scratch, we created a respectable body among the other OGCs, with notable performances in relation to the number of employees who have become, during this time, true professionals. Thank you in this way. At this moment, the UPFAR-ARGOA leadership, through my resignation, is beheaded. According to the statute, the Board of Directors must function with three members. By my resignation, according to the statute, UPFAR-ARGOA no longer has a Board of Directors. Is blocked. As an emergency measure for the legal functioning of UPFAR-ARGOA, the members of UPFAR-ARGOA must request the urgent convening of an Extraordinary General Assembly. For this to happen, it is necessary (according to the statute) that half plus one of the members request the convening of the meeting. I leave it to you, dear members, to proceed properly “, Dinu Tănase underlined in a letter addressed to the members of UPFAR-ARGOA.


Union of Film and Audiovisual Producers, Romanian Association for the Management of Audiovisual Works, Collective Management Body (OGC) of the rights of producers of audiovisual recordings, established by civil sentence no. 440 / 21.09.1999, registered in the Special Register of Associations and Foundations at position 102/02 / 05.10.1999, by the decision of the general director of the Romanian Copyright Office, no. 9 / 13.08.1999, based on Law no. 8/1996.

By setting up UPFAR, the 18 founding members set out to:
– Defending the interest of independent producers – as determining factors in relaunching the production of films and audiovisual works.
– Representation of independent producers in domestic and international organizations.
– Collection and distribution, on the principle of legality of treatment, of the rights entrusted to him by the holder in accordance with the provisions of Law 8-1996.