‘Save Yourself Who Can’: find out how Rodrigo Simas will appear in the soap opera

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Luna (Juliana Paiva) will meet an ex-boyfriend in the second part of the soap opera “Salve-se Quem Puder”. With the sudden departure of Juan (the actor José Condessa left the plot) and now in love with Téo (Felipe Simas), the ex-chambermaid will review Alejandro (Rodrigo Simas). Daniel Ortiz’s plot returns to air in 2021, but it still doesn’t have a certain date to re-open. But it is already known that there will be a reduction of 48 chapters by decision of Globo’s management – instead of a total of 155, there will be only 107. With that, in the return to the grid, another 53 chapters will be shown, that is, nine weeks.

‘Save yourself’: Luna’s ex finds out from Gabi that young lady is in danger

According to the portal “Arteblitz”, Alejandro’s entry in Daniel Ortiz’s booklet occurs as soon as the Mexican singer discovers that his ex-girlfriend is in danger. Who reveals to the musician is Gabi (Nina Frosi), friend of the physiotherapist. Soon the two decide to travel to Brazil to meet the girl. For those who do not remember, Luna, Alexia (Deborah Secco) and Kyra (Vitória Strada) assumed new identities, Fiona, Josimara and Cleyde when they witnessed the death of a judge at the behest of Hugo (Leopoldo Pacheco), who turned out to be a villain at the end of first season.

‘Save yourself’: Luna meets Alejandro in an app car

The story will show that Alejandro and Luna met in childhood and gave their first kiss in their youth, but they left when the singer discovered the girl’s passion for Juan. Nowadays, Gabi is scared when at the hotel she is approached by a man who wants to know where Mário is (Murilo Rosa) and turns to the musician for help. The chambermaid ends up surprising Luna’s father by showing that she traveled to São Paulo accompanied by the musician, who takes the opportunity to show his talent on the guitar. It doesn’t hurt to remember that originally Luna would be reunited with Juan when Téo’s girlfriend boarded a car driven by the foreigner. Now the situation will be maintained, but leaving Juan for Alejandro.

‘Save yourself’: Júlia, Téo’s cousin, kisses Rafael

Also on the return of the unpublished chapters of the seven o’clock plot, the audience will meet new characters and say goodbye to Micaela (Sabrina Petraglia), due to the pregnancy of her interpreter. Still believing in the death of the bride, Kyra, Rafael (Bruno Ferrari) will exchange kisses with Júlia (Sophia Abrahão), a young lawyer born in Minas and who is Téo’s cousin. She enters the story to discover that the boy is in a wheelchair after an operation.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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