The weekends are to rest but, equally, they are also used to close purchases, transactions and review other types of needs that do not receive attention during the week due to work schedules and other daily responsibilities.

Second-hand electric cars are the most sought after

So that, Saturdays are the day of the week when the most second-hand car sales are closed. In total, 17.5% of all used car purchases in 2020 take place on this day, 0.9% less than those made in 2019.

This is demonstrated by a study of web portal Also, during this year the first day of the week has also gained popularity and car purchases have increased by one percentage point (16.5%) like on Wednesdays, which have reached 15.6%.

And on the contrary, Sunday is the day with the fewest sales, with just 4.6% of sales, almost three times less than the day before in the weekly order. And it is that Sundays are truly to rest, so perhaps neither of the two parties is for the work of closing any agreement.

New and used car registrations will rebound in 2021

As for the time of day, Saturday morning is the favorite, getting to sell up to three times more cars than in the afternoon. In the case of Mondays and Wednesdays, the chosen time slot is the afternoon, probably due to the availability of time when leaving the work shift.

And depending on the months, February is the month of 2020 that registered the most car sales on Saturday mornings, while Monday afternoons gained popularity in June and Wednesday afternoons, in July. In September and October the same customs as last year have been registered: Mondays and Saturdays are the days chosen to buy a second-hand car.