Sara Forsberg, who became known as a linguist and later made a singing career under the artist name Saara, said a month ago that she would have to leave the United States. The extension of the visa was rejected due to the corona pandemic, which gave Forsberg a quick departure from the country.

After some silence, Sara now tells her news in a fresh video. He opens his path to his fans as an artist who first brought forward a record deal in the United States, and later songwriting camps in Korea. Sara says she got to make songs for super popular Korean stars.

Girls Generation, SHINee, NCT U and Red Velvet may not immediately say anything to a Finn, but they are hugely popular South Korean bands that fill big arenas in Asia and the rest of the world.

In the video, Sara justifies writing songs to others by saying that she earns better than a novice artist.

– Writing songs – you earn well, that’s what Sara says in the video.

The songs are made in English and if the song is chosen to be performed by a Korean star, it will be partially translated into Korean. Pieces of English are left because Koreans love to mix things up with each other, Sara says in the video.

– They don’t take songs with a lot of swear words or sexiness, Sara reveals.

He says he has been to numerous song making camps in Seoul and also celebrated in that city. In the future, he also plans to learn Korean properly.

You can see the video below or from here.