Sara Chafak, 29, who was at the center of the photo bustle last week, says 2012 In the story section of Instagram received a nasty communication from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Traficom. His driving license has been suspended.

– I got a birthday present from Trafi. Heippa driving license for a moment, Chafak writes.

Chafak turns 30 this week.

He has published a picture of him standing at Leppävaara station in Espoo, waiting for a public transport with a mask on his face.

Along with the picture, Chafak explains the reason for the momentary loss of his driving license.

– Forgotten to return a few certificates ni now traveled in public for a long time, Chafak writes.

In the publication, he says that he is now exploring Helsinki with public transport games.

The police can impose a driving disqualification on the holder of the driving license inter alia, because the driving license holder did not submit a certificate of completion of the internship and advanced education within the statutory time limit.

In the case of Chafak, the driving license may also have been put on the shelf if he did not provide a medical report on compliance with health requirements or an optician’s report on vision requirements or a certificate of completion of a new approved driving test, driving test or driving test within the time limit set by the police.

The police website states that the right to drive can be restored if the party proves that he or she meets the conditions for the issue of a permit or has submitted the required document. The right to drive expires five years after the decision to ban driving has been issued, unless the driving license has been returned to the person subject to the driving ban on application.