Santos terminated Robinho’s contract due to pressure from sponsors in the case of rape

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The footballer had signed a week ago, but the sponsors threatened to leave after broadcasting audios that compromise him in his judicial process in Italy.

Robinho had been announced less than a week ago as a player of the Santos, with which he returned to the club with which he exploded as a star, with only 17 years. But already was formally dissociated after an announcement made by the club.

The player has a 9-year prison sentence for an alleged violation that occurred in Italy in 2013, when he played for Milan. The club had hired him knowing this situation, but this Friday the Globo chain broadcast audios of the court case and then club sponsors threatened to withdraw their sponsorship if the former Real Madrid continued in the entity.

The Brazilian’s episode was against an Albanian woman, who had gone to celebrate her 23rd birthday at a bar in Milan that played Brazilian music. Robinho and four friends allegedly raped her in a room in the place, but the footballer always said that it was consensual.

Robinho, 36, was not arrested because he appealed to a second instance, which will begin on December 10, but if his guilt is confirmed, he has a third judicial avenue to claim before serving his sentence in jail.

The statement was as follows: “Santos and the athlete Robinho report that by mutual agreement they resolved to suspend the contract signed on October 10 so that the footballer can concentrate exclusively on defending his process in Italy.”

The player also spoke in a video: “With great sadness in my heart, I come to tell you that I made the decision with the president to suspend my contract at this troubled moment in my life. My goal has always been to help Santos Futebol Clube. Yes somehow I get in the way, I better get out there and focus on my personal stuff. For fans of the Fish and those who love me, i will prove my innocence“.

Some of the player’s phrases, in dialogue with a friend, broadcast by Globo, were: “I laugh because I don’t care: the woman was completely drunk, she doesn’t even know what happened” or “The police can’t say anything. I’ll say I was with you and then I went home. “

What were the positions of the sponsors? Kicaldo, a food products company, reported: “In case Robinho does not leave, we will withdraw our sponsorship. We repudiate all kinds of violence. “

Kodilar, a spice brand, reported: “We ask that the case be resolved as quickly as possible. Our company has a positive image in everything it does. We do not want to be penalized for this.”

Tekbond, a glue company, explained: “We repudiate any type of violence. The continuity of our sponsorship is conditional on the termination of the player. “

Grupo Foxlux, of products for construction, warned: “These events impact our brands and our values.”

Meanwhile, the Brahma brewery, which ended its contract with Santos on October 1, reported that negotiations to renew would not be resumed if Robinho remained part of the roster.


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