Santos lost a sponsor for hiring Robinho, sentenced in Italy for rape

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The incident occurred in 2013 and the forward was tried last year. Brazilian laws prevent extradition

On Saturday, the news was announced with great fanfare: Robinho, the Brazilian star, was a new Santos player. However, football did not cover the conviction for rape that the forward never complied and that caused the loss for the club of one of his sponsors.

Orthopride, a dental aesthetics and orthodontics company, had an agreement to appear within the soccer team jersey numbers until February 2021. However, the link was terminated when Robinho signed his contract with Santos.

“We have enormous respect for the history of Santos, but at this point we decided to end the sponsorship contract. Our audience is predominantly female and regarding the women who consume our products, we had to make that decision, “said the company’s director of operations, Richard Adam, to the medium Globo Esporte.

Although he avoided directly citing the crime, the businessman was referring to the rape conviction that the player has suffered in Italy since 2017, when was sentenced to nine years in jail for group sexual assault, with five other men.

The incident occurred on January 22, 2013 in a nightclub in Milan and the victim was a young Albanian woman who was then 22 years old. Football, however, allowed Robinho not to serve his sentence.

By not returning to Italy, the 36-year-old Brazilian escaped prison by playing for Guangzhou Evergrande in China, Sivasspor in Turkey and now Santos in Brazil, where the laws do not allow extradition.

Now, the club lost one of its sponsors, although it could only be the first. According to Globo Esporte, no club sponsor was informed of the signing of the Brazilian player, so now everyone wants clarification.

An argument that Adam validated in his contact with the medium. “We want to make it clear that we were not previously informed of the hiring of Robinho. The news took us by surprise at the weekend,” said the head of Ortopride.

Robinho’s five-month hiring, who faces the final part of his career, had been criticized over the weekend, but Santos president Orlando Rollo had told the Folha de San Paulo newspaper that they were typical of rival fans and he had emphasized that the ex Real Madrid did not have “a definitive sentence”.

Rollo was referring to the fact that the conviction was in the first instance and that it could be appealed. Also, this week, the player’s lawyers issued a statement in which they assure that Robinho should be considered innocent.

In terms of football, Santos is now sixth in the first division of Brazilian football and was eliminated from the 2020 Paulista Championship in the quarterfinals. While in the Copa Libertadores he leads group G. With that goal in mind, he hired the forward who shone at Real Madrid, Manchester City and Milan.

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