Santiago Silva’s pain after the sanction for doping: “What I wanted was to have a third child”

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The Argentine forward gave his version after an excess of testosterone was detected and he was suspended for two years.

Santiago Silva spoke publicly this Wednesday for the first time after the two-year suspension imposed by the Anti-Doping Arbitration Tribunal, for a positive testosterone test when he was a footballer of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata in April 2019.

“It is true, one out there is positive but it is clear that it is very negative news. It touches one sensitively. One was trying to find a third child and I began to undergo fertility treatment at that time. At the game, I playing for Gymnastics against Rosario Central, my turn is anti-doping and after three months I get positive “explained the Argentine forward in dialogue with TyC Sports.

Silva, 39, would be able to play again when he is 41. According to him, the excess testosterone was due only to the treatment he had started in search of having a new child.

“What jumps out at me is testosterone. One is informed and I like to be aware. It is a hormone that we as well as women generate and this gel that I was putting on helped me to find a family. I am not denying that I used this gel to help me, but what I used was not to gain soccer advantages, it was to look for family again. Then it will be at the discretion of the specialists, in quotation marks, “he commented.

After knowing the result of his anti-doping test, Silva chose to interrupt his treatment. “Because of the doping, I cut off the treatment to become a father again. It hit me that the sanction is two years, it is striking that they sanction me for fertility treatment,” he said.

And he went further: “What surprises me is that one is given two years, regardless of how old each one is, when others have been given 6 months, 7 months, 9 months for doping … The truth is that it hits hard, but since I am used to adversity, I am putting my heart out and doing everything possible to be able to do something with my lawyers.

True to his style, the scorer repeated that he does not intend to give up. “I plan to continue fighting for this. Obviously later, given the circumstances, I’ll see what to do. I am not 25 years old, I am 39. I feel very good but I am aware that due to my personality and my mentality I would love to continue playing. It’s two years, it would be at 41 that he re-enlisted. I’m aware … I’ll see later. Now I am conscious of continuing to fight legally and see if the penalty can be lowered. Hopefully all this can be reviewed and that we can come to fruition “.


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