Santiago del Moro returned, with Masterchef Celebrity: similar to your other programs?

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Far from the role of moderator of “Intratables” or the rhythm and suspense of “Who wants to be a millionaire”, in the debut of the culinary reality show he was comfortable and relaxed, seeking a balance between the famous participants and the jury.

With all the expectations placed on the new reality show, Santiago del Moro returned to television, after a year with ups and downs, including a positive for Covid-19, already passed. The driver is in front of MasterChef Celebrity, which landed this Monday, October 5, on the Telefe screen, accompanied by a very good rating.

In an atypical year, traversed by the pandemic, television was no exception, with delayed and outdated premieres, with truncated projects and a dynamic of ups and downs due to dozens of infections on the channels and health protocols on the order of the day.

But, despite that context, MasterChef Celebrity was shown as planned, with a studio in pure luxury, and a conductor, Del Moro, determined to collaborate so that the cycle became the new television phenomenon, at least for the latter part of the year.

The responsibility assumed by the host includes carrying out the culinary reality that in other countries has already proven its effectiveness, to make that, at that hour and peak of the program, the harsh reality remains for a while in the background.

Del Moro left his role as moderator in Intractable (it ended in 2018, but it seems like it was a lot longer), then it came Who wants to be a millionaire?, in 2019, and a short cycle, Together we can do it, at the beginning of the quarantine, a hybrid between news and magazine.

Now, once again installed in the pure entertainment format, the challenge is to hold the initial expectation of the reality show very high due to the production deployment and famous faces.

Here there is no suspense for knowing answers to questions of general culture, as in Who wants to be a millionaire?, but the tension of MasterChef Celebrity is put in that all team members with known names get along.

First, in the jury, made up of top-level chefs: Donato De Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui; to which they are added 16 famous participants.

Among the celebrities who will demonstrate their culinary skills are Claudia Villafañe, El Polaco, Federico Bal, Iliana Calabró, Roberto Moldavsky, Claudio “el Turco” García, Patricia Sosa, Belu Lucius, Analía Franchín, Vicky Xipolitakis, Boy Olmi, Mono Fabio (from the Kapanga group), Ignacio Sureda, Sofía Pachano, Leticia Siciliani and Rocío Marengo.

Although the program has a very organized prior structure and all attention is focused on what happens during the preparation of each dish, the task of coordinating so many different personalities will be the responsibility of Del Moro.

The same happens with the three jurors, figures accustomed to television and who also They bring their share of spice to the show.

As in Who wants to be a millionaire?, the cycle is recorded, in this case, because the kitchen times require it. The recipes are prepared against the clock, but, nevertheless, each dish needs its cooking margin.

Del Moro find in this new program an ideal tone, comfortable and relaxed, because it does not have to face the gaps or unforeseen events of the live and, beyond some controversies that can generate sparks among famous people, the format guarantees a certain tranquility.

More moderator than ever, between the juries and the participants, the role of Del Moro will consist, above all, in give each one the right feet to release their emotions, something that reality feeds on, although without too many overflows.

In September, Del Moro said, from his social networks, that after a swab he had given positive covid, and that passed it asymptomatically, although isolated.

This situation and that of some contestants, such as Analía Franchín, also affected by the coronavirus, delayed the start of the program’s recordings. However, once on the air, MasterChef Celebrity did not show traces of those inconveniences.


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