Santander League: Villarreal dreams big against a Valencia mired in depression | LaLiga Santander 2019

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The goals of Paco Alccer and Gerard Moreno show the superiority against an opponent that never worried Asenjo (2-0).

Gerard Moreno’s volley for 2-0 at La Cermica.

The derby of the Estadio de la Cermica served for Villarreal and Valencia to exchange the objectives with which they faced the 11 days against the clock with which to close the championship. Soaban those ofAlbert Celadeswith returning to that Champions League from which Atalanta threw them based on goals in the midst of the outbreak of the pandemic and those ofJavier Calleja, with returning to that Europe that they have missed this season. But it turns out that Castellón, the fittest team in the return of the competition with Real Madrid, sleep just three points from fourth place, which Valencia already sees eight move away.[Narracin y estadsticas (2-0)]

And is that the LaLiga match has been better for some teams than others. Villarreal has done wonderfully. Calleja’s team, which was in the process of de-escalation of the European positions with three consecutive defeats before the break, has returned with a completely renewed image. Quite the opposite of a Valencia that has only accelerated the decomposition process into which it had already entered.

All this was evident in the Estadio de la Cermica, where the yellow team passed over its rival as a steamroller. Those of Celades melted like a cube in the hot afternoon before a very solid Villarreal who handled the game at will and who soon opened the scoring.

Calamitous in defense

About to reach the quarter of an hour,Paco Alccerexhibited that murderous instinct that he began to polish as a young man in Paterna with a precise volley to cross the ball out of the reach ofCillessen, after a no less precise pass fromGerard Moreno, who grazed the second with a header that crashed into the post just minutes later.

There were no signs of reaction in a very flat Valencia, without overflowing above despite the work ofRodrigo, and dire in defense. Nothing remains of that leathery group that forgedMarcellin. Not even the return ofGabriel PaulistaHe has managed to provide more security to a rear guard that was portrayed in the second goal, shortly before the break.

WhileCazorlastarted the movement in search of the long ball ofAsenjo, Paulista andGuillamnthey were as if it wasn’t with them. The Asturian waited for the ball in the front and cushioned it with the glove on his foot to leave it on a tray for Gerard, who signed the second with another beautiful volley. Just a minute earlier, Cillessen had lowered a shot fromAlbiolafter a corner kick.

Without wasting strength

With the baton of Cazorla and the mobility of Gerard andChukwuezeIn attack, Villarreal roamed at ease. And if he did no more damage, it was because he realized that he did not need it and it was not a matter of wasting strength in this exprs league final.

Celades wanted to do something to improve the very poor image of his team and gotGuedesto start the second half. Beyond a slight improvement in the first few bars of the restart, Valencia left La Cermica practically the same as they had gone days behind Ipurua, without firing between the three poles.

If any goat take a shot at itEqualfrom the front that Albiol diverted to crner, because the stop of Asenjo in a hand to hand withGameirowas invalidated for offside. Poor baggage to aspire to be among the top four.



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