Santander League: Psychoanalysis for Messi | LaLiga Santander 2019

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Leo Messi laments after missing an occasion.

  • Chronicle.
    The Atlético represses Barcelona

If Simeone’s Atlético did not win, never win at Nou Camp. Decades will pass and the Atleti de Simeone will stay where they had it, but they could not. All of this is full Barça misery, in the worst Barcelona of the last ten years, at the height of that Barcelona ofSerra Ferreror worse, with the shadow of theTata Martino, when precisely Atleti stole a League from him, just with a header from the UruguayanGodn.

Messi sits on the psychiatrist’s couch. A Freudian Messi takes off his beard, leaves it on again and shaves again the next match. With the claim of a German haircut, a ‘wehrmacht’, but nothing comes out, except for the maximum penalty. Since he knows that he is deranged, he commits a fault and discredits the referee, with a gesture of anger and pride.

The clinical outcome cannot be clearer. Messi is not the usual Messi. That leaves Setin on the edge of the scaffold. And if he fails in the next game, they will charge him. No one can take it anymore. Not evenBertomeu. Be clear. How can Setin get to the Champions League? It will be nonsense.

The loss of the ‘touch’ Messi is the big problem of the ‘menys’ Bara. Of course the lack of personality of Setin and his assistantEder SarabiaThey help that chaos that the Barça team has become. Without the personality of yesteryear. With four midfielders, which causes anathema in Setin’s own beliefs. A puertile sacrilege, in a fight to save his hide.

Setin’s complex against Messi is too noticeable, to the Argentine dictatorship in the dressing room, who is able to demand the departure ofGriezmannand personally take refuge in their own Praetorian Guard. With his mate mateLuis Surezand the Chilean neighborVidal, who was guilty of the absurd penalty on Carrasco. The Belgian does not stop creating problems for an excessive libertarianSemedothat, on the contrary, started a penalty, thanks to the extra kilos ofPhilip, after his isolation.

I think Simeone has a complex withMarcos Llorente. Despite his success in the magical position of the Real Madrid player, he never trusted the whole game. He prefers his pawns, his personal guard, as thin asbeltor the derangedDiego Costa, which was always a pain. It is true that Atleti did not trust his physicist as much in the second half, but with Llorente, the pretty Portuguese boy,Joao Flix, would have been decisive.

Lemaris sentenced. He lost a goal, when Barcelona had already put the rope around Setin’s neck. But it is that in the last minute he made a final foul that caused the final red and white anguish. No one knows how it cost so much.



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