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Valencia is moving away from the European squares and the coach overcomes Gary Neville’s worst records as a visitor. It is the first team in the League to link two games without shooting on goal

Albert Celades, on the bench of the Cermica stadium.

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    Villarreal dreams big against a Valencia mired in depression

HeValenciahas lost credit and with it,Albert Celades. The team returned to the competition with the need to cut distances to reach the positionsChampionsand, far from showing improvement, their numbers have worsened. Three defeats, one victory and one draw is the balance that weighs down the aspirations of not only reaching fourth place but even playing in Europe next season.

But the evil that is reflected in the grass reaches the foundations. The technician, who arrived on September 12 to replace the abruptly dismissedMarcellinhas lost thelocker room confidence, some players have rebelled against him and he has not even managed to maintain the essence that, during the past two seasons, made Valencia a reliable team. In these 32 disputed days,the team has conceded 46 goals, 27 ms than he added at this point in the last campaign. And especially disappointing with their numbers away from Mestalla. With Celades on the bench, they have won two games away from home and only one of them, against Athletic elSeptember 28, I left the gatekeeper to zero. Valencia are the worst numbers on the road since Gary Neville sat on the bench in the 2015/16 campaign. The English, who debuted on a bench, added eight defeats; yesterday’s in Villarreal was Celades’ ninth. The former Manchester did not end the season.

In the offensive aspect, the one that the Catalan technician with the most command of the game wants to prevail, does not respond either. 41 goals in favor throughout the campaign, he has only achieved a wide victory against Levante in the last victory as a visitor (2-4) and has 41 goals in favor. However, in the last two days, against Eibar and Villarreal, the teamdid not shoot between the three sticks. “It is not a good fact. Too little to win in this field,” admits in the same guts of La Cermica, where he lost even the goalaverage with the yellow team.

With the objective moving away, Valencia faces a decisive week in which the two teams that step on the heels of the table are measured,AthleticandPomegranate.

Without fulfilling your contract

That Celades will leave Valencia at the end of this season despite having one more contract is evidence, but being on the bench on Wednesday against the rojiblancos? The technician says he feels strong.“I am not afraid of anything, I am able to continue”, I admitted. Nor does he appreciate maneuvering from his players. “I do not consider that there is a lack of attitude. The rival has been better than us. We come from a great effort, with less rest, it was hot, we had a short time with the ball, we had trouble generating and they have had a lot of effectiveness. I have faith in the players and the team, “he apologized.

From the club it was transmitted last Friday that the technician had confidence to end the season and the presidentAnil Murthyand the sports director,Csar Snchez, held meetings with the players to try to close the open wounds, externalized in an open confrontation withMaxi Gmez, the contempt of Guedes and the loss of confidence of heavy weights of the staff.

But the designs of what happens in Valencia are not taken at the Valencian headquarters, but in Singapore. It will be the decision ofPeter Limthe continuity of the coach to whom he handed over the reins of the team after dismissing Marcelino.

Perhaps the only reason that will keep him on the bench until July 20 is that the technician thought to take charge of the club cannot do it immediately. In this sense, Onda Cero Valencia revealed thatErnesto Valverdeand his second have been interested in the situation of the club in recent weeks and are looking for a house in the city.

“Thing of men, not of names”

The truth is that the dressing room no longer knows what to do to reverse a dynamic that leads them to close an unworthy season if there is no European qualification. The picture ofRodrigo with his gaze lost in the stands of La CermicaIt is a team that doubts whether to opt for self-management. Because they don’t know how to justify what happens to them. “It is not explained anymore. People are already angry and we can not say more things. You have to say things on the field of play.Instead of names we have to be men. That is what we need, “said Jaume Costa.

“You have to go home very very fucked up and tomorrow turn the page. The words are blown away by the wind and we can no longer say anything to people. Now there is no need to say, we must do it,” he added

Is the whole group united in that idea? Costa did not like that the confrontations of several players with the coach were revealed. “Veterans are unhealthy. I have found myselfa fucking wardrobe. I don’t understand that things only come out when you lose, “he lamented.



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