Santander League: Benzema opens the sky with the heel | LaLiga Santander 2019

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A great heel from the French striker finished off by Casemiro brings Real Madrid to the League title (0-1).

Benzema’s heel, this Sunday.

If it is worthwhile to continue admiring this strange football born in times of pandemic, it is for players likeKarim Benzema. There is no gesture of his that does not overflow the emotion of those who face art. Intelligence and plasticity. Characteristics that are intertwined in a footballer often misunderstood, judged for years by the randomness of the goal. Something that always brought him careless, as long as he could continue to vindicate his work in silence.[Narracin y estadsticas (0-1)]

For the history of the League, just as it happened a decade ago withGutiin Riazor, to remain the caress of heel of Benzema in Cornell. And also the incredulous gesture ofBernard, who would never have imagined that the French could find any way out of the running of the bulls to which they intend to subject them in the area. The ball passed between legs turned into stakes. A genius harnessed byCasemiroto bring Real Madrid closer to the title and further depress Barcelona.

He could not be Espanyol, dying and ten points from the utopian salvation, the team that would help his rival citizen. The blue and white club had enough to wonder about the fatal consequences of its curse, ideal natural habitat for that deficient institutional and sports management that dragged the club to Segunda 27 years later. The toy businessmanChen Yanshenghe has been helped by ulico advisers incapable of warning him about the uselessness of heading off the benches at dawn.

Zidane and the gala outfit

Abelardowas the last to fall. The same laws do not work in soccer as in assembly lines. Until reaching the grotesque stage with which the Blue and Whites’ team conclude the season, with its top sports manager, the plenipotentiaryRufete, the same who was in charge of choosing coaches and players, become the captainAhab. Gray beard, cap, shorts and nutty socks. As if he were on the whaler Pequod.

Little could Espanyol oppose a Real Madrid that has more than enough records to save days. He has won all five games after the championship resumed, withZinedine Zidaneexploiting the possibilities of its template with constant changes of scheme and parts. Without the end result being altered. The white technician understood, that is, that the appointment in Cornell was capital after the last loss in Balados of a Barcelona that this Tuesday receives the Attic. So Zidane got the suit back on big occasions. That is, with four midfielders and under the government between the lines of the recoveredIsco. The malagueo has not been a regular since the March 1 classic.

Casemiro celebrates his goal with Isco and Valverde.
Casemiro celebrates his goal with Isco and Valverde.REUTERS

The plan supposes the substitution ofVinicius, who had been stimulating Real Madrid in recent games and recruited to shake in the second act. Also the permanence ofHazardin eleven, despite the Belgian being that footballer again. Without confidence or daring.

In any case, there was little I could oppose Espanyol de Rufete, beyond the quality glimpses ofRal de Tomsor the racing at dawn ofWu Leibehind the back ofMarcelo, never resolved where you should. The Chinese striker’s tribute to Cardeosa at Villamarn was no accident.

Casemiro’s domain

Casemiro, on his return after serving a penalty game, dominated at will in the steppe. The Brazilian felt so liberated that he even remembered Pel in Mexico 70 with that goal that was not. Casemiro looked up from his own field and was about to sinkDiego LopezI managed to stretch my fingers on time.

It mattered little. So comfortable was Real Madrid that he never seemed to flinch at failed opportunities. Before Benzema opened the sky with the heel, Diego Lpez had already knocked him down in the area in a bizarre play and to which he said nothingMateu Lahoz.

Espanyol, sure of his destiny, let himself be carried away without denying his present. The waves of tragedy are everywhere, I recitedBukowski. Neither did I need to do much more a Real Madrid dazed the rest of the night with Benzema.



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