The small town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, in Mallorca, has exploded with joy when he learned that Atlético de Madrid will be his rival in the first round of the Copa del Rey.

The village team, the CD Cardassar, He had already given the bell when qualifying from the previous round, so he was going to have a First rival. Without Real Madrid and Barcelona in the hype, Atlético was one of the most desired.

The joy with which the players lived the draw speaks for itself. And it is that if for any third team receiving a First of the stature of Atlético is a reason for celebration, for all that it entails media and economically, for a town like Sant Llorenç much more.

Although they are now news for football reasons, in 2018 they were due to a tragedy that left them touched forever. The flood that devastated the town in October Two years ago, it destroyed the entire town, skewed the lives of 13 people and plunged the town into a deep depression. The same Rafa NadalGiven that Manacor is next door, he became his savior, not only by rolling up his sleeves and putting on his boots to evacuate mud from the streets, but also because he donated a million euros to his recovery.

At that time, CD Cardassar was active in First Regional of Mallorca, two categories below Third, and the floods almost wiped out the team. The Municipal Field Es Moleter that on December 16 will receive Simeone and company was totally destroyed, but they did not give up on it. Quite the contrary: at the end of that same season they achieved an agonizing promotion to Preferred Regional and this same summer they completed their entry into the Third Division.

Now they will receive one more joy, and they go for it all. If they could overcome such a tragedy, who tells them that in a single game they cannot bring down an entire Atlético de Madrid?