Estonian Minister of the Interior Mart Helme has said in an interview with German broadcaster Deutche Welle that he does not look at homosexuals for good. Helme leads the Estonian right-wing Conservative People’s Party and is currently working on a referendum to define marriage between a man and a woman in the Estonian Constitution.

DW’s Russian-language service provider Konstantin Eggertin When asked about the matter by Helmi, he replied as follows.

– It is important for all people, because without marriage, without having children for women and men, there is no future.

– We want the state to be cherished and cannot be cherished without children and without morality.

After this, Eggert asked if homosexuals were attacking and flooding the Estonian state.

– Let them run to Sweden. There, everyone treats them more politely, Helme snorted.

– And you treat them rudely? Eggert asked.

– I am really not friendly towards them, Helme said.

Eggert said this was called homophobia, which Helme denied.

– I think those people who say that a referendum is unnecessary are heterophobic. They penetrate the bedrooms of heterosexuals. They do, not us. If they can drive their homopropaganda, then we can do other propaganda as well.

“Unlined Hate”

Helmi’s comments were condemned by both the President of Estonia and the Prime Minister.

President Kersti Kaljulaid wrote on Facebook that a minister with such views is not suitable for the Estonian government. Kaljulaid said he was ashamed and sad that Estonians who believe in equality have to endure a politician who uses his power to subjugate others.

– I do not understand Interior Minister Mart Helmi’s unfathomable hatred against our society.

– People deserve better, Kaljulaid said.

Prime minister Jüri Ratas reminded Helme that in the Estonian Constitution all people are equal before the law and no one should be discriminated against. He also said it is the government’s duty to improve people’s lives day by day.

– It is not achieved with barren unfriendly speech, but with understanding, cooperation and kindness, Ratas wrote on Facebook.

Ratas said to the Estonian broadcaster ERR that the government will meet early this week to discuss the matter. The opposition has called for Pearl to resign.

Helme was in the headlines in Finland last December shortly after Sanna Marin had risen to prime minister.

– Now we see that one saleswoman has become prime minister and another street activist and uneducated person becomes a member of the board, Helme said, according to ERR, referring to the fact that Marin used to work as a salesman in Tampere’s Sokos.

Helmi’s comment was like an echo of how right-wing US conservatives underestimated the country’s youngest congressional female representative. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezia. Ocasio-Cortez, a leftist from the left who entered the House of Representatives at the age of 29 two years ago, all pointed out that he had worked as a bartender – as if that was a negative thing.