Sandro Pedroso suffers from a heart attack. Details about the actor’s state of health!

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Sandro Pedroso was sick at the gym and was rushed to the hospital. According to the actor, he had all the symptoms of a heart attack. “Arriving at the gym, I started to feel bad. Numbness in my arm and my entire left side started to paralyze. My mouth dried up and there they provided first aid. I didn’t have the device to do the electrocardiogram and I went to a friend’s clinic. “There was no change, but from now on I will do another battery of tests to find out if there is something more serious in the heart”, said the ex of Jéssica Costa, from whom she separated in May after confessing that the two were going through a crisis at the wedding, on RedeTV! ‘s “A Tarde É Sua” program.

Sandro Pedroso publishes photo in hospital

On Wednesday (14), Sandro surprised his followers by posting a photo on Instagram on a hospital bed in Goiânia (GO). Calmer, he said he had been released. “Thanks to my good God it was just a scare! But what happened to me today made me reflect a lot on life and what is happening to all of us! Hey, what are you doing with your life really worth it? I I thought a lot about the people I love at the time of anguish, I really thought it was my last day! “, he said.

Actor reflects life after fright

In a moment of reflection after hospitalization, Sandro advised the fans. “And you know what came to mind in that moment of anguish? How did I say goodbye to each person I love, some I thought: Wow I could have hugged you more, and another I thought; I could have passed more time that day with that person! If you’re reading this post, do it right now, call the people you love now and tell them how much you love them! Ask for forgiveness or forgiveness if necessary, because you may be doing it that for the last time! Thank you, my God, for the deliverance! “, he thanked.

Artist talks about health status on social networks

On Thursday (15), Sandro explained the fright he faced and left a motivational message for Internet users. “There was no change in the electro, but he asked me for other tests to make sure I’m fine. If you love someone, tell that person that you love them. If you’re fighting with someone, be your father, mother, friend , ask for forgiveness. Give me forgiveness. Do you know why? Today, it could be our last day … Thank you very much for your affection and all the messages I received wishing you well “, reported the father of little Noah, born in February of 2016, video on the web.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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