Sanchéz meets this Monday with Ayuso seeking “to collaborate and not protect”

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Collaborative spirit and “no tutelage”. These are the maxims with which, according to sources from Moncloa, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will arrive this Monday at noon at the headquarters of the Government of the Community of Madrid to meet with the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The meeting between the two presidents comes with the pandemic triggered in the Community and with the population strongly polarized by the new mobility restriction measures implemented today by the regional coalition government of the PP and Citizens.

After several weeks of accusations between the two administrations for the management of the pandemic, Sánchez will try to maintain a conciliatory tone this Monday and arrives at Puerta del Sol with the offer of police reinforcements and more military trackers to help bend the curve of contagions in Madrid.

“My message is that the Government is going to go to Puerta del Sol on Monday to help, to support. We are not going to judge or evaluate,” said the socialist leader this Saturday in an interview in La Sexta, in which he also called to “banish the partisan struggle and pitch in”.

The president also revealed that the fact that the meeting is held at the Madrid government headquarters was his proposal as a sign of proximity and empathy.

“Bending the curve” has also been the objective declared by Ayuso’s team, which on Friday issued a brief statement in which they expressed their wish that the meeting would become “a space for cooperation in the fight against Covid-19”.

At the press conference on the same day, in which Ayuso announced the new measures, the popular insisted that the priority of the regional Executive was to avoid at all costs, that the central government imposed a new state of alarm that it already criticized harshly during the last weeks of its validity in the month of June.

Central Government Offer

With no funds available to distribute among the communities, the central government’s offer to help the Community of Madrid is limited to police and military personnel who can collaborate with the controls that have been put in place to ensure compliance with the new restrictions on movement or in other support tasks, such as the 150 military trackers that have already been deployed in the capital.

During the past week, the Government showed its availability to the Community of Madrid through the Ministers of Interior and Defense.

“The people of Madrid can be sure that the National Police and the Civil Guard will continue to guarantee the health of citizens“, declared on Friday the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, while the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, stressed that the Armed Forces have” maximum availability “to help any autonomous community that needs it.

Less conciliatory was the deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, who yesterday launched harsh criticism against the “incompetence, lack of coherence, clarity and seriousness” of Ayuso to later defend that there will be time to demand accounts and responsibilities from Ayuso and the PP .

The meeting is scheduled for 12 noon and it has not been clarified whether there will be a joint or separate appearance of both leaders after the meeting. At the same time, in Puerta del Sol, Solidaridad, a union related to Vox, has called a demonstration with the slogan “Government resign now!”.



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