San Lorenzo: the Romero brothers visited Andrés Herrera, who thanked them

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The defender showed good predisposition with the Paraguayans, after Ángel caused the fracture of his left fibula.

No official voice was heard in the midst of so much commotion and so much anger over Ángel Romero’s kick in practice on Friday that caused a fracture in the left fibula to Andrés Herrera. It was a weekend of high voltage in San Lorenzo, but from the club they preferred to keep quiet and wait for the temperature to begin to drop as the hours passed. And on the afternoon of this Monday, an important step was taken for that to happen: the Romero brothers they visited Herrera at his home.

Will calm return to Cyclone after a hectic few days? Time will set the rhythm of moods, but for now, the Paraguayan twins gave a sign of wanting to appease the weather.

The Ministry of Health still does not authorize social gatherings in closed spaces such as the meeting this Monday. In any case, the players are constantly tested and, furthermore, they work in the same field. At the same time, they used a chinstrap during the match, which took place at the home of the right-back, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito.

The rumor that such a visit would take place spread early. The initial idea was to go once the morning training was finished, but in the presence of the press in the place, the Guaraní footballers decided to wait and pass when there was no journalistic guard.

So it was. Oscar accompanied Ángel, who again apologized to Herrera, this time face to face. He had already done it the same Friday a few hours after the misfortune play, which caused discomfort in the coaching staff and the squad, since they considered that the harshness of the infraction was unnecessary during the reduced soccer test.

The forward contacted the defender of the Youth Team by phone to apologize and clarify that there was no bad faith On your part. She then issued a statement through social networks in which she made her request for an apology public.

“Let’s go upstairs. Thanks for visiting @RomeroTeam_”Herrera wrote in the post next to the photo in which he is seen with his left leg in a cast with the Romeros, who replicated his story on Instagram and wished him a “Good recovery, friend”.

Mariano Soso also maintains the decision to remove Ángel from group training for a while. On the one hand, the DT sought to apply a punishment, since he explained to his leaders that these issues cannot happen and must be sanctioned. And on the other, it is a way to avoid eventual friction and give more time for everything to calm down indoors.

Will Angel receive the pardon after this gesture? It will be necessary to see if this approach is enough to reduce the effervescence that settled in Boedo last weekend, and that the squad return to work in peace.



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