San Lorenzo: the intern with Ángel Romero is still very thick after Herrera’s fracture

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Despite the offer of apologies from the Paraguayan, the controversy continues. The discoverer of the injured player made harsh statements to him.

The serious injury of Andres Herrera, who suffered a fibula fracture in his left leg in practice on Friday after a hard kick from Ángel Romero, generated an internal earthquake in San Lorenzo. The anger against the Paraguayan forward grew from some teammates, part of the leadership and some fans. Oscar’s brother apologized to the right back and also made his apology public, but the discomfort continues.

Herrera remains at home at rest and during the week they will do studies to see if she should have surgery or not. Beyond the anger of the moment, Clarion He could know that the footballer intends to lower the temperature of the conflict that was armed with this whole situation.

But this Sunday, the discoverer of Herrera went out to fire thick ammunition at Ángel. Rudy chamorro, who brought the U-20 kid from Corrientes, attacked hard: “They showed me the video, it’s a terrible kick from the back, bad milk. It’s very treacherous, not even an opponent would do that, less playing a reduced What did the paragua (sic) it’s terrible. There was no pica before, ever. I say it without selling smoke: it is bad milk and treacherous, it always was “.

Chamorro declared to be a partner of Gustavo Lescovich, representative of Herrera. The agent did not respond to the message from Clarion to verify the sayings of Chamorro, but from San Lorenzo they were in charge of denying it. “Andrés Herrera’s representative is Gustavo Lescovich. Rudy Chamorro, who is testifying in various media, has no link with the player”, was the message they sent from the Press Department of the Boedo club.

Beyond the denials, Chamorro generated a strong impact with his statements against Ángel Romero on Radio Network: “He has a record since he was 12 years old in the youth. That boy is wrong against life. He is a bad person, nobody wants him in San Lorenzo, only Mr. Marcelo Tinelli. The companions cannot open their mouths because of codes and all those things. If the player has three fingers in the forehead, he would have to resign. Your elbow or hand can escape, but that way you can kill a teammate, “he launched.

More: “Romero is miserable, it was 15 minutes into practice, I found out everything. I have friends in Asunción and they told me that they handle themselves with pride and arrogance because they have three pesos and 50 more than everyone else. Some colleagues grabbed him. of the neck and the technical assistants had to stop the hand because it was coming “.

For its part, Fernando Romero, the other brother of Ángel and Oscar who acts as their representative, sent an audio to a partisan medium blaugrana. “Ángel already explained it in the statement. Something like this never happened to him with a partner and he made himself available for whatever he needed,” he told Passion for the Cyclone. And he added: “He had no intention of hitting his teammate. He always has good intentions with the rival and even more so with a teammate. These are things that can happen in football and unfortunately it happened to Angel.”

In private, Angel was sorry for what happened. He assures that he never intended to hurt Herrera, but admits that he was wrong to give that unnecessary kick. Now, the Guaraní will train apart from the group for a week in principle. The idea is that the internal climate calms down and then it can be attached to the campus again.



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