San Lorenzo: the fight for the goal, between the weight of history and the value of the game

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Mariano Soso must define between Sebastián Torrico and Fernando Monetti. What plays in favor of each one.

One is a historical at this point. So much so that for several fans it is considered the best ever club due to the interference that his epic saves had in the last championships that San Lorenzo was able to win. The other has already shown that he can perform with Barça gloves on and presents technical characteristics that show greater coincidences with what coach Mariano Soso intends. They are Sebastian Torrico and Fernando Monetti, those who dispute the arc of Cyclone, hand to hand.

Depending on the look chosen, each one has its advantages over the other, but the important thing will be what factors will weigh more for the Rosario coach.

Torrico is the footballer of the entire current group most loved by supporters crows. They still thank him for the agonizing hand to cover that ball to Augustine Allione on the last date against Vélez in the local title of 2013. And the key saves in the games and penalties of the Copa Libertadores in 2014. But not only from memories is sustained San Torrico.

When it seemed that his career was consuming sitting on the bench, after the departure of Juan Antonio Pizzi and before the resistance of the fans against him Nicolas Navarro, the Mendoza returned to ownership and gave more spectacular flies. He turned 40 in February but does not think about retirement even with the extensive brake that the pandemic imposed. He was the owner of the arch of San Lorenzo to the stop. Will it remain so in the Soso era?

It is known that the new DT is more seduced by another type of goalkeeper. One that comes into play with the defenders more, one that is one more outfield player at the time of the clean start from below. For this, it is necessary that he present a good handling of the ball with his feet, either to have precision in short passes as in long deliveries.

Monetti (31) is the one who best adapts to these conditions. He Mono He tends to play more advanced when the team sets up a game and is exhibited as an alternative to pass more between the centrals, when they open and raise the wings. It’s about the call goalkeeper-libero, how sympathetic to the technicians who proclaim the position game. La Plata renewed his contract in the middle of quarantine with a reduction in his salary and bet to win the place.

If it is by characteristics, then, it can be said that there would be no surprise if Soso selects Monetti to start in the formation. However, the surname Torrico has a significant weight in Boedo’s painting and it is not easy to move him from the arch, much less if it remains valid despite his age. In addition, the Condor He has been trying for a long time to polish his skill with the boots so as not to give advantages.

In the football trials that the coach has done so far, he first tested Torri in the supposed starting team and in the last ones to Monetti. This Saturday will finally be the first measure for Soso since he took office: he will play a friendly against Argentinos Juniors, at 9.30 in the Nuevo Gasometer. There you can see a first indication of what you intend for your team’s goal.

Who will be your goalkeeper? Will you dare to take out a historical one like Torrico, who is also one of the captains and references of the dressing room, or will you renew your confidence? Will he be played for Monetti from the start because his qualities are more in tune with his search or will he keep waiting for his chance? As the comeback of soccer approaches, the days of making tough decisions will draw near.



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