San Lorenzo presented the new rezoning project to build a 365 stadium in Boedo

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It includes the recommendations collected through the surveys carried out with the residents of the neighborhood, who ask for more shops and local employment opportunities in the area, with green and common spaces and educational establishments.

Each step must be on solid ground so as not to stumble and that later it costs twice as much for San Lorenzo to get up on his long and hopeful pilgrimage to his Holy Land: Boedo. You cannot step on the wrong foot because that could be too hard a blow in the construction of the dream of having the stadium on Avenida La Plata at 1700 again. facing with pride and nobility.

The leadership presented in the Legislature a new Rezoning Bill which, unlike the previous one that expired at the end of this year, includes the recommendations collected through the surveys carried out with the residents of the neighborhood, which ask for more space for shops and local employment opportunities in the area, green and common spaces and more education.

All this is contemplated in the urban project of the field that the Spanish company IDOM has well underway, something that was not stipulated in the previous bill either.

The legislator of the Frente de Todos, Manuel Socías, was in charge of raising this new project, which will be presented this week in the Urban Planning Commission. At the club they now hope that in the first half of November it can have its first reading and approval on the premises. Although this would be enormous news, a second reading of the Law will be necessary.

Only then will he obtain the final approval so that at last the Cyclone can build a stadium on the land recovered on July 1, 2019. The fingers of the Barça fans are crossed for that to happen before December. Although with this new project there is a longer term, the idea of ​​President Marcelo Tinelli is that this does not continue to delay and that everything is resolved in the coming months. If necessary, the final approval could be given in March of next year.

In the Cuerva leadership they understand that they come doing homework and that it is time for a wink from the Legislature and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. In fact, a few days ago the final report on the requirements of the residents of Boedo had already approached, which was the product of 3,355 surveys, 23 meetings via Zoom and more than 10,000 telephone contacts with citizens of the neighborhood.

Among the most significant conclusions it was observed that the first need of those consulted is business creation and increased local employment opportunity. 60 percent made reference to this. Other concerns include reducing poverty, crime and increasing access to education and also improving infrastructure and creating green spaces.

In turn, 85 percent considered that what they value most about Boedo is its history, tradition and legacy and that it is important to take care of this. In this sense, 71 percent were optimistic about the San Lorenzo project to return to the neighborhood, while 29 percent expressed their concern and required more information to give an opinion on the matter.

The IDOM project absorbed the concerns and needs raised by the people and, in addition to presenting a modern court in the “365” style With the idea that it is open every day of the year, it has in its plans the realization of parking lots, a historical museum, a school, a detachment of the City Police, a headquarters of the Buenos Aires Tourist Bus with the option of tours for the stadium, offices, a shopping arcade, green spaces for daily public use, a new closed multipurpose sports center, the possibility of building a hotel and installing a CGP of the City.

Everything is so advanced that before the end of the year the first renderings or virtual images of what the new San Lorenzo court would look like could be released.

Meanwhile, the directors meanwhile continue to cancel the debt with Carrefour to finish paying the property. At the end of September, 1,150,000 dollars were paid corresponding to the total of the third installment and part of the fourth and last. Thus, the outstanding balance is US $ 850,000, in addition to another 2 million of advertising.

The financing to lay the first bricks will be another story in which Tinelli has already set to work, generating links with Chinese and European investors. The sale of fertilizers will be important too. And the bet on the youth in the first team will seek to generate sales and vital income in this regard in the future.

On solid ground, San Lorenzo continues to move forward in the pursuit of its greatest desire, which long ago ceased to be a utopia.

During the months of isolation with more rigid measures in the City of Buenos Aires, San Lorenzo fans made several virtual moves to pressure the Legislature to deal with the Rezoning Bill. Through social networks, the supporters made their request visible.

Now, from the Subcommission of the Cyclone Fan, a mobilization was called for this Thursday at 5:00 p.m. The meeting point will be Av. La Plata at 1700 and the objective is to express support for the Rezoning Law, which this Monday was presented again in an updated way by the Boedo club.

At 6:00 p.m. a caravan of cars and motorcycles will begin and it is requested that the protocols be followed: maximum three people per car, with masks. In addition, they invite those who cannot attend to wave their Barça flag or shirt on their balcony or at the door of their house.


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