Samr Haber, a beakman on Sunrise Avenue, says he will be released on Wednesday Samu Haber – Forever Yours on the last pages of his biography (Otava) about how he was arrested by the police in late 2019 on suspicion of a drug offense – in the middle of a leisurely Sunday walk Etelwith an engaged person.

– Samu Haber – you have been arrested, said one of the men.

– I spread my hands and laughed sweetly. Damn what guys. I hadn’t even sent wedding invitations yet.

– Guys, I told the police, now is a really bad time.

– There are no bachelor parties, another police officer said.

South was left standing on the street with his lip fluttering as Haber was grabbed in a police car.

Haber was told that a search was underway in his home. You should go there to see, but the ride would take place in a police car that the neighbors would notice. Two weeks later, an important press conference awaited at which Sunrise Avenue would announce its closure.

Haber didn’t want any extra hassle. He was like a snowman in the whole yard.

The man was taken to the Pasila police station, where he was informed:

– You’ve been to Ruisrock last summer. You had five grams of cocaine there.

Haber admitted use of the substances but no possession.

He had now been connected to a rare large-scale drug trial in Finland, the Katiska tangle.

– I have not played any part in the activities of these people. I had never even heard their names, let alone met any of the subjects of the investigation.

– It is downright incomprehensible, even outrageous, that I was publicly incorporated into this whole. The police told me quite directly, face to face, that I am their claws now, unfortunately, only because my name was Samu Haber. If I were someone in Pena for something, no one would be interested in the whole kais, Haber says in the book.

Samu Haber – Forever Yours (Ottawa), written by Tuomas Nyholm, will be published on October 14.