Samsung would use Bixby to unlock the screens of its Galaxy S21

As we get closer to 2021, rumors about the Galaxy S21 series of Samsung. In particular, rumors that refer to both its design and its hardware characteristics.

Unfortunately, none of the advance information has managed to surprise us. At least not until now that it is said that the Samsung Galaxy S21 would unlock their displays with Bixby.

Bixby would work as an identity authentication method

In the past, Samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby, was able to unlock our screens with voice passwords when using our smartphone in hands-free mode or receiving commands despite having its screen locked. Those functions disappeared and would be replaced by something more interesting.

The place SamMobile maintains that Samsung is looking at Bixby for a new biometric system to identify its users. As I would do it? Through voice recognition.

Other smart assistants like Google Assistant are capable of identifying multiple voices within the same home, so there is already a history of this type of technology working properly.

If Samsung has the tools to bring Bixby to the level of Google Assistant in this regard then we can see how this authentication method could work. Otherwise, and with a strong history of buggy in Bixby’s past, we are forced to take these rumors with skepticism.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 would unlock their displays with Bixby and a voice recognition system. And although we can argue that this is far from being the safest biometric technology, it is already one of the most innovative. Especially since we have not seen news in this field since the introduction of facial recognition back in 2018.

It would certainly be unwise for Samsung to rely exclusively on this type of technology, so we can speculate with almost no fear of being wrong about the presence of intra-dispaly fingerprint readers on all Galaxy S21s.

Source: SamMobile


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