The update policy in Android is a subject in which we repeatedly end up disappointed. And is that most manufacturers usually update their phones for a maximum time of 2 years, but many others do it only for 1 year, and there are models that are never updated once they go on the market.

Of the manufacturers that currently exist, Samsung and Google are the ones that offer the best update policy on Android to this day, since their premium and high-end phones are updated for up to 3 consecutive years, or at least their promise is to update These phones at this time, however, Samsung is giving joy to its users because it has been updating one of its best phones such as the Galaxy S7 for 4 consecutive years.

4 years that could become 5

The Galaxy S7 was launched in June 2016, so it is almost going to be 4 and a half years in the market, and although the South Korean firm had mentioned that this phone would stop updating since last April due to its years in the market, however, in May they updated it again, and surprisingly they have again released a security update to keep the phone safe against any current danger.

We are talking about the security update for the month of September, which weighs only 69 MB, I know that it is not the most recent in Samsung phones, because most of their devices have already been updated with the October security patch, but not even the Google Pixels have updated with security patches for more than 3 years.

Credit: SamMobile

Why does Samsung keep updating this phone?

Although the firm has not revealed why it continues to update the S7, we can draw several conclusions about it, and we must not forget that this was one of the first phones that Samsung sold under its business program, so there are probably still many users who have it and use it, to the extent that the firm must ensure that said equipment is protected in any situation.

On the other hand, these types of actions increase consumer confidence to bet on a S Series phone, since from the Galaxy S7 until now all the equipment in this series continues to be updated, it is true that only the S10 and S20 they receive monthly security updates, but the S8 and S9 do so every 3 months.

This same year Samsung announced that all current and future S Series equipment from the S10 will be updated for up to 3 years with operating system updates, something that at the moment only Google and Samsung do, so all this can be part of a plan to reinforce the trust of your customers.