The latest reports from the most prestigious market analysis firms such as IDC, Counterpoint Research Y Canalys They revealed the sales figures for the third quarter of the year just after Samsung announced its highest historical revenue in a quarter due to the increase in demand for smartphones, which a few months ago fell considerably in almost all markets except China .

With these sales Samsung regained the first position as the manufacturer that sells the most smartphones in the world, but it has done so with an impressive figure that has significantly moved it away from the second and third position, which is now occupied by Huawei and Xiaomi.

Counterpoint reveals that Samsung had a sales growth between Q3 2019 and 2020 of 1% market share, which gives it a 22% world share, while Huawei has been left with only 14% after having down 4% market share compared to the same period of the previous year.

Credit: Counterpoint

IDC reveals that Samsung’s market share is 22.7%, while Huawei’s market share is 14.7%, and Canalys says that Smasung will have 23% of the world share, while Huawei has 14.9%.

Xiaomi overtakes Apple and gets dangerously close to Huawei

Huawei without Google services seems to have problems in the West, and Xiaomi is the one who could take advantage of this situation, as the firm has been making very interesting launches in 2020 that offer users all kinds of options for every type of need.

Counterpoint mentions that Xiaomi has had a growth of 75% quarter by quarter, already reaching 13% market share, that is, 1% less than Huawei, but the most surprising thing is that last year Xiaomi barely had 8% of market share, while Huawei had 18%.

Canalys and IDC have very similar figures, so it seems that it is a matter of time for Xiaomi to become the second manufacturer that sells the most smartphones in the world, although we must consider that Apple has been affected by the delay in the launch of iPhones, so that the fourth quarter of the year could even return Apple to third position, and with some fortune even make it surpass Huawei in sales.