Samsung Jet has a digital inverter motor, which incorporates ultrasound-mounted blades and a speaker that optimizes airflow. These features allow the maintenance of a high level of durability and at the same time the generation of a high suction power.

The Jet Cyclone system has nine separate cyclones – each with three different inlets, to minimize the loss of suction power when capturing fine dust particles.

Users can enjoy high battery life of up to one hour of continuous use with the VS75. At the same time, because the battery can be easily replaced, users can extend the cleaning session by up to two hours. The spare battery for Jet vacuum cleaners can be purchased separately.

The vacuum cleaner has a 5-layer HEPA filter

Samsung Jet comes with a variety of motorized brushes that offer cleaning solutions for various scenarios, adapted to all lifestyles, floor types and cleaning habits.

The vacuum cleaner has a 5-layer HEPA filtration system, and the filters are checked and certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) and capture 99.999% of dust particles and allergens that would normally return to the room through the air exhaust system.

The Samsung Jet washable waste bin as well as the removable drum are features that address the level of hygiene and product maintenance. The dust container can be easily removed, then emptied and washed. The multi-cyclonic system is in turn removable with a single click.

The charging station can be mounted vertically

The integrated digital display shows the status of the device, such as the battery level and the type of brush used. It also alerts users in case of brush blockages, which allows the vacuum cleaner to be used in optimal conditions for a long period of time.

The Samsung Jet’s 2-in-1 charging station can be adjusted and allows users to store and charge the vacuum cleaner more easily. The charging station can be mounted vertically, for those who want to save space. At the same time, it can be used as a stand-alone charging station.

The Jet body weighs only 1.66 kilograms, and the three models available in Romania are Jet 70 Complete, Jet 70 Turbo and Jet 75 Premium.