New news about Samsung, because one day after the firm revealed the date for the official presentation of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, now new data has been published that nobody saw coming, as new information reveals that the brand will launch a new family of smartphones later this month, which will be focused on offering great cameras for a much lower price.

The name of this new series will be Galaxy F, and would first be launched in India, although as mentioned in 91Mobiles, Samsung’s plan is to bring the Galaxy F series to more countries, although it is not revealed if that will happen this year or if it will be until 2021.

The source gives the Galaxy M series as an example, because as it happened with this family, the first phone of the F series will be sold in India exclusively through digital channels, it is not revealed if only from the Samsung website , or if it will have an alliance with Amazon and other retailers.

Galaxy M31

High-end cameras?

It is not clear what the quality of the F-series cameras will be, but it is mentioned that it will not be like any other mid-range equipment, which leads us to think that these phones will probably have a photographic performance like that of a high-end. , not only in terms of image processing and camera functions, but also the versatility and quantity of the sensors, so we could even see some kind of model with 3x optical zoom, ultra wide angle and sensors of more than 100 megapixels.

Of course, there are already phones that are not so expensive with these specifications, however, Samsung may endow these teams with some photographic functions that we see only in its premium range, although we will have to wait to see it.

What is interesting is that the source reveals that the cost of this equipment would be between 15 thousand and 20 thousand rupees, that is, we are talking about prices that could range between 4,200 and 5,700 pesosPrices very similar to the Galaxy M, but that, instead of standing out for its huge battery, its muscle will be the camera.

Credit: Daniel Romero via Unsplash

The decision to create the F series would be driven by Samsung’s need not to give ground in markets such as India and other Asian countries where firms such as Xiaomi or OnePlus are pushing very hard. In the case of Latin America, Samsung dominates several markets in the region, but brands like Huawei are also on its heels, so the Galaxy F would be an interesting option to increase the company’s sales, which have been diminished this year by the pandemic.