Samsung is known for making a lot of phones, covering any type of consumer, from the one who wants a phone with which only his relatives will call, to the one who uses his smartphone intensely, all day or the one who wants to be the first when it comes to new trends. Galaxy A71 fits more in the pattern “I want a good phone, but not to give too much”, and it does it perfectly.

Galaxy A71 is, by current standards, an almost old phone: it was announced almost a year ago and launched in January 2020, pre-pandemic, in a sweeter and more enjoyable period for all, in which travel was not restricted nor did I wear a mask to go to the corner store.

But I digress. Let’s go back to our midranges and start a short presentation of the Galaxy A71. I used to say it was a pre-pandemic phone, but it is still a good choice in the mid-range segment, with the 6.7-inch plastic frame and back, glass on the front (Gorilla Glass 3), weighing 179 grams and Dual SIM. Nothing to break the bargain, but the phone looks very balanced.

Appearance and display

Why do I say that? Well, the camera bump is small, much smaller than the new models and flagships from Samsung, and can be covered with a very thin cover, if you mind. But I really like the back, and I don’t think I would cover it, although it will gather some imprints – it has an interesting pattern, in a kind of diamond, with lines that are easily visible to a closer look, but which do not stand out. It’s a simple, “quiet” design and one that makes the phone a little different from other midranges visually.

Charging is of course on a USB-C port, found on the bottom edge of the chassis, but what I really like there is the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Yes, Samsung has put a headphone jack on the Galaxy A71, so those who have not yet made the step to the wireless area of ​​these gadgets, will be very happy. The volume and power buttons are on the edges, and the speaker is on the bottom.

Galaxy A71 has a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels, in 20: 9 format, but these figures do not do it justice, because it is much better than at first sight. Samsung knows how to make very good screens, we see this every year on its flagships, and with the A71 we realized that Samsung is starting to show its mastery in making a display and midranges.

Yes, the South Koreans’ midranges were generally phones with good screens, but the A71’s are made to stand out. The wallpaper in vibrant, bright colors welcomes you and already shows you what it can do, and viewing content is also an excellent experience for a phone at such a price. Even in fairly bright light, you won’t have trouble viewing the screen, it’s bright enough – a problem I often encounter in midranges is low brightness.

Performance and room

In terms of performance, we have an 8-core Snapdragon 730 with 8 cores, combined with an Adreno 618. Processor and midrange graphics, of course, but they make a good and competent pair, in almost all applications on the market. The phone handles most of the tasks you offer, responds well in games and can be a gaming smartphone good enough for Call of Duty, Asphalt or any other game you would be passionate about.

The configuration I tested is 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage, but there is a more powerful one, 8GB of RAM, with the same storage. However, the 128GB should be enough.

We also get to the camera, where Samsung put 4 sensors on the back – a 64MP main with f / 1.8, a 12MP ultrawide with f / 2.2, and a pair of 5 MP each, consisting of a macro (f / 2.4) and a depth sensor (f / 2.2).

The main one is the one you will use the most, and it shouldn’t be otherwise. The macro camera is weak, it doesn’t impress when you put it face to face with several distinct elements, and the ultrawide one, although not bad, distorts a little too much to be to my taste.

But the main one is good, it captures the details well enough to please me, the colors are accurate, although it has problems in the areas of “crowds” of elements – areas with gravel or trees with similar foliage are not so well distinguished. It doesn’t do badly at night either, and it will surely please most of the users of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy A71 - The extraordinary midrange of Samsung (TECH REVIEW)

The rear camera can shoot 4K at 30fps, if you are thinking of making some video content with your phone, but keep in mind that 4K filming will seriously fill the storage space. On the front camera you have 1080p shooting at 30fps, not as good, but it can take some excellent selfies, having 32MP with f / 2.2.

Sound, drums and conclusions

The sound is loud, it doesn’t “break” at a higher volume, and I appreciated that. I also really liked the fingerprint sensor, which is inserted in the screen and responds quite quickly. Before we move on to the battery, I also mention that it has Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC.

Finally, the Galaxy A71’s battery. There are not many bad things to say here: we have 4500mAh, which charges quickly, on 25W, and which keep you all day without much trouble. The advantage of a midrange like this is that even if you try to get the butter out of it, it won’t have much where to consume more than normal. If you don’t play for more than an hour a day, the Galaxy A71 will be able to easily last 24 hours.

Samsung Galaxy A71 - The extraordinary midrange of Samsung (TECH REVIEW)

I know, it may seem like I exaggerated a bit in the title by calling an “extraordinary” midrange phone. But, the package that the Galaxy A71 offers seems like that to me, at the current price. It is at 1699 lei, but with Black Friday on the horizon, I expect it to drop to almost 1499 lei. However, the Galaxy A71 is an excellent choice for those who want a good phone in all respects, and comes in four color variants: black, silver, blue or pink.