Samsung Display shows us some of its ideas for future foldables

It’s no secret that Samsung is a complete market leader in foldables. The South Korean company was the first to launch a smartphone with a flexible screen on the world market and since then it has pushed design after design to monopolize the attention of this market. Now Samsung Display shows possible foldable designs for the future.

Samsung Display talked about the future of foldables in an entry on his official blog. Among those words also rested two images illustrating how flexible screens could change the way we interact with our mobile devices. And while one of them seems quite experimental, the other could be the design of the Galaxy Z Fold3.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 could be folded more than once

What we see up here is a foldable with the ability to fold itself twice, emulating the dynamics of a generic advertising brochure. Its inner screen would be hidden behind the fold of two hinges and on one of the external faces of the device folded in its entirety it would have a screen that covers the entire surface.

If we review previous Samsung patents this could well be the design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. After all, it seems to be the policy of the South Korean company to experiment with all possible ideas when it comes to flexible OLED panels. So this wacky design doesn’t seem so risky in the hands of Samsung’s creatives.

Of course, all this is within the realm of speculation. Samsung Display shows possible foldable designs and while one of their designs is plausible and possible for us in the short term, they also published a roll-up touchscreen coming out of a cylindrical container device that could well be a pen.

The idea is to show that Samsung Display is trying to push its creativity to new limits in relation to the market of foldables. Wearing an innovative face instead of a conformism one. Well, it is possible that in the medium to long term future the entire world of smartphones will be dominated by this class of mobile devices.

Via: SamMobile


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