Samsung could get ahead of the competition and announce the Galaxy S21 in 2020

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Every move of Samsung in the market it is calculated and that is why despite the extremely unfavorable world circumstances for the majority of smartphone manufacturers, the South Korean manufacturer has grown significantly. But even so it is surprising to hear that Samsung Galaxy S21 could be announced in 2020.

Taking advantage of the fact that most manufacturers are having trouble sourcing different types of components and that Samsung produces most of them on its own soil, the tech giant will try to hit the smartphone market with a new generation of flagships sooner than expected.

Samsung Galaxy S21 details

The place SamMobile echoed the statements of a South Korean media that, in turn, claims to have come into contact with sources close to the Samsung production circuit. The information chain is long but no less important: if a rumor of this hierarchy materializes, the market could move significantly.

Although Samsung currently has three series of flagships different, its Galaxy S series is the most anticipated each year. The new reports say that Samsung would begin mass production of the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30 – whichever ends up being its commercial name – and there would only be one reason for that: an announcement earlier than planned.

The Samsung Galaxy S21s could be announced in 2020 instead of late in the third quarter of 2021 as expected. And its presentation would come just after Qualcomm unveils its Snapdragon 875 designed with 5nm technology on December 1 at an all-digital event.

It is likely that Samsung has already acquired a sufficient number of Snapdragon 875 processors and, therefore, wants to go on the market as soon as possible to compete with the iPhone 12 Pro and Mate 40 whose processors would be up to date with the latest semiconductor technologies available.

Via: SamMobile


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