I must first confess that it was my first experience in using an air purifier, and that is why I would like to thank Samsung for the longer time the purifier has been in my office (ie at home). In the 30 days (more or less) of use, I had time to put it in several rooms and examine its different modes of operation.

So, let’s start with the beginning – taking it out of the box is a matter for two people, not necessarily because the purifier would be difficult, but rather because it is tall, almost 80 centimeters high. But once you succeed, you will be able to examine it in all its white splendor, with the black display area.

The touchscreen below the display has 6 buttons, each with different functions that can also be operated from the SmartThings application. We have the Power button, the fan operating speed, Sleep Mode, a countdown to the times when you want the purifier to run for a limited time, the light indicator that properly lights the “Air Quality” area above and PM Digit, where you can change the PM indicated on the display.

Three filters for particles of different sizes

PM are those dust particles, invisible to the naked eye, which are classified according to their size – PM 10, PM 2.5 or PM 1.0. The purifier retains these three, indicating the value in air of each and having a special filter for each of them.

Thus, the purifier has a 2-in-1 filter, meant to stop all these particles, which consists practically in a deodorizing carbon filter (for larger dust particles) and a HEPA filter (for PM 1.0). But it is very important to remove the red cardboard from inside the purifier before starting it.

One thing I really liked was the increased mobility that the purifier has. Due to the fact that it is on wheels, you can easily move it from one place to another in the room or even from one room to another, as I did.

The Samsung AX60R5080WD can cover an area of ​​up to 60 square meters and has an airflow (or clean air delivery rate) of 467 cubic meters / h. The fan runs in 3 gears, consumes 60W and reaches a maximum noise level of 50 decibels (obviously when the fan is running at full power).

The filters should be replaced between 6 months and a year, depending on how you use the purifier and how polluted the air in your area is. The downside is that the HEPA filter must be replaced with one made by Samsung, so you do not have many choices in this regard. The filters are also divided into three: a pre-filter, designed to stop larger particles, such as pollen and which can be washed, and the others are practically glued in that 2-in-1 filter we talked about above: the HEPA and the filter carbon deodorant. The first is to remove the smallest particles, while the second helps to eliminate gases.

And if we keep getting gas, I recommend not using the purifier while using the stove, otherwise your house will be declared a war zone. The air quality indicator instantly turns red, as does the gas indicator, and you appear to be in the middle of an alert.

Samsung AX60R5080WD Purifier: For Better Air Quality in Crowded Cities (TECH REVIEW)

Integration with the SmartThings application

The data on the purifier screen can also be found in the Samsung SmartThings application, where you will control the purifier, as well as other Samsung gadgets. There you can see the air quality for each type of particle, as well as the gas index. Also from the application you can program the purifier, for example if you want it to work daily between certain hours, or before you get home.

I liked the Sleep Mode because it’s really quiet. You can sleep peacefully with the purifier in the room without it waking you up or hindering your sleep. Of course, this way, the level of air that the purifier filters will be lower, but you can “solve” this problem if you use it on a higher setting a little earlier.

The filters are easy to replace when you need to do this, only the 2-in-1 filter needs to be changed at the same time (ie the HEPA filter and the carbon deodorant filter).

Before testing the Samsung AX60R5080WD, I wondered a few times if it was worth buying an air purifier. In Bucharest, I quickly came to the conclusion that such a device is extremely useful, especially after the last year, in which the news about air pollution has been the headline of publications for many days.

Samsung AX60R5080WD costs about 1600-1700 lei at most large retailers in Romania and if you want a purifier that is simple to use and does not make too much noise, being at the same time efficient, it can be a very good solution.