Konkaripakki Sami Lepistö was, according to recent tax data, the Joker’s superior salary emperor in 2019. The man earned as much as 1.1 million euros last year.

Lepistö received earned income of approximately EUR 541,212 and capital income of EUR 574,267. He received 15,202 euros in tax refunds. Currently, Lepistö has no contract with any club.

The highest earned income from the Jokers was offset by a Danish striker Nicklas Jensen, as much as 632,341 euros.

In addition to Lepistö and Jensen, more than 500,000 euros in the Jokers made at least last year Steve Moses (EUR 574 878), Peter Regin 573 377 and Brian O’Neill (571 954).

Star acquisition Petri Kontiola according to tax data, offset earned income of EUR 106,906 from last year. The center only played in the Jokers for the fall season. In the spring of 2019, he still represented Lokomotiv Yaroslavl in Russia.

Joker’s head coach Lauri Marjamäki earned a comfortable 343,565 euros in 2019. The man’s capital income was 457 euros.

The main owner of the Jokers Jari Kurri last year earned income of 166,789 euros. In addition, the joker boss received capital income of EUR 24,576.

Tax information does not always tell athletes their true income. An athlete may fund * in a calendar year up to 50% of gross income or € 100,000. *

Regin’s salary added to the story at 12.03.