Radio Aalto’s morning program Jenni Alexandrovan Sami Kuronen, a “Grill Master” who is also familiar from Temptation Island Finland, has already taken a stand at the age of about 12.

Radio Aalto’s Instagram has a picture of Kurose from 1986. In the picture, my early girl is posing in a shirt that reads: “Aids Kills! Don’t be Silly, get that Condom on your Willy ”. Freely translated, the text of the shirt thus reminds that AIDS kills and urges the use of condoms.

– Would you wear your elementary school child in a shirt like this today? This “sexually enlightened” gollege could spark a few Wilma messages. Sami Kuronen’s style sample from 1986, caption included.

If the Instagram embedding does not appear, you can access it from this link.

Many who lived through their childhood and youth in the 80s will surely remember that even at that time, raucous print shirts were imported, for example, from trips abroad. Ten-year-olds and younger people could show up at school in clothes decorated with alcohol signs, for example.

In connection with Kuronen’s picture, the commentators are excited to recall their own print shirts:

– I had a shirt that read on the front, Jesus comes and on the back, Jesus goes.

– I had a blue t-shirt with two pink pigs on top of each other and the text ‘Makin’ bacon ‘.

– There were different shirts of strong liquors and rumbles every third that would also make Wilma sing today.

In Kuronen’s teenage photo, attention is also drawn to the hairstyle characteristic of the time: lightened braided bangs and a bony back.