Same-sex marriage enters the parliamentary agenda

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The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, He promised this Thursday that the new Parliament will discuss equal marriage when it is established in January 2021, an issue that the government and the opposition have avoided in the Chamber for the last 20 years.

“I leave that task to the next National Assembly (…) the task of LGBT marriage,” said the president during a ceremony with official candidates for the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), which was broadcast on the state channel VTV .

Maduro made the comment when remembering the recent declarations of Pope Francis in favor of homosexual people and about their right to a family life.

“I have friends and acquaintances who are very happy with what the Pope said yesterday,” he said.

Venezuela is at the bottom of South America in terms of progress for the LGBTI population, since in the country, in addition to being prohibited civil union between people of the same sex, it is not possible to change identity to trans people or there are no mechanisms for the protection of homoparental families.

Laws to resolve bugs

In the same act, Maduro presented a dozen potential laws that were, he said, proposed by citizens through a government consultation in recent days.

Maduro announced the “water law” and the “gas law” With which he hopes to “guarantee the direct distribution routes of the town” in these two services that today present failures on a daily basis, forcing citizens to cook with firewood or to travel kilometers to obtain a few liters of water.

The shortage of drinking water and domestic gasAs well as frequent power failures, they have led to numerous street demonstrations in Venezuela, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has so far left 88,035 infections and 753 deaths.

Among the projects announced by Maduro are also the “protection of the family”, the “right to recreation”, a “special law of entrepreneurship”, another “for sustainable development and care of the environment” and one “of system of care “on which he did not offer details.

In addition, the decalogue includes a “digital economy law” that covers everything related to this area, another to “simplify and make the operation of the public administration transparent” and one more “against violence and cruel treatment of animals” that it would include a framework of fines and penalties.

Further, Maduro asked to add a law “of communal cities” and another “from the communal parliament” while noting that all these proposals “are going to become the truth”, although some require a significant economic investment, whose departure did not mention or explain where the necessary money will come from.

Venezuela will hold legislative elections in December without the participation of the bulk of the opposition, which considers them fraudulent and with the warning from the European Union and the Organization of American States that they will not recognize this contest since they do not see it as a democratic process.



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