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It is a story worthy of a spy movie and it would seem that all the stakeholders are equally stunned. On board a private jet, Russian tournament director Alexander Medvedev gave his version of the incident to Eurosport Russia. The interested party explains in particular having followed the health recommendations of the ATP, without adding any more. He also says he hopes the American player is in good health like everyone with whom he has been in contact.

As a reminder, invited to remain in quarantine at the hotel in Russia after his positive coronavirus test, Sam Querrey was frightened when he was told that he could be hospitalized after a doctor’s visit. The player and his wife, who feared being separated from their 8-month-old child, decided to leave the country on the sly, therefore not respecting the health protocol in force. “I don’t understand why he decided to run away. For some reason that escapes me, he thought he would be separated from his son when he was admitted to hospital. Why ? We had already prepared an apartment in the center of St. Petersburg for them. They would have lived there comfortably for two weeks. He was even offered to visit a pediatrician for his child.“, thus indicated the director of the ATP 500.

I hope Sam won’t be severely punished

It will be understood that Alexander Medvedev pleads the thesis of misunderstanding. For greater clarity, he made a point of specifying the provisions in force this week in Saint Petersburg. “We strictly follow the recommendations of the ATP and the Russian authorities. Players stay in and eat at a Four Seasons hotel. A ‘bubble’ has been put in place so that they cannot leave the hotel, even if the weather is nice and the weather makes you want to take a walk. Players understand these metrics. From what I know Querrey trained on October 9-10 but I don’t know what he did before and after.”

On his arrival in Russia, the American had thus tested negative, before, a few days later, a new screening did not come back positive this time. If we still do not know precisely where the player is now, his initiative was not to the taste of the ATP which is considering sanctions against him which could go up to 3 years of suspension and 100,000 dollars. fine. Despite the bad publicity for his tournament, Alexander Medvedev did not shoot the ambulance. “It is a matter which concerns Querrey and ATP. I hope this story has a happy ending, that everyone is healthy, and that Sam does not receive severe punishment. “

Restrictions of course, but not excessive in St. Petersburg

In Saint Petersburg, spectators are allowed to attend indoor matches, up to a third of the usual number. The tournament director finally wanted to ensure that the restrictions put in place this week in Russia were not excessive. “We are not the strictest. In Australia, for example, they plan to impose a two-week quarantine on players before the tournament.“, he remarked.

with the authorities of his country to make this measure more flexible by creating a secure environment that would allow the participants to train. Organizing tournaments is definitely not an easy task at the moment.



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