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There is no official date yet, but the flu campaign This year will start around October 15, predictably the week from 15 to 19. However, this year will be atypical because it will take place in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic and it will be marked by the uncertainty surrounding the behavior of the coronavirus. That is why the flu vaccination this year will take place, for the first time, outside primary care centers (CAP), en municipal facilities such as ‘casals d’avis’ (all of them closed due to the epidemic) or civic centers. The objective, according to sources from the Ministry of Health, is “separate the two circuits well” (that is, the covid of the non-covid) and “look for alternative spaces”.

The CAPs are carrying out, in this second wave of the pandemic, an intense task of tracking the virus. Many have space problems and the goal is avoid accumulations of people. In Barcelona, ​​for example, the city council is working with the Consorci Sanitari de Barcelona (60% owned by the Generalitat and 40% by the city council) to “address the needs of the different CAPs” and see what “municipal facilities “can offer them.

“This year there are space limitations. We are starting to work [la campaña de la gripe] and we will meet next week to see what equipment is offered “, says the councilor for Health of the consistory, Gemma to the side. Barcelona still does not have a ready list of what equipment it will give to the CAPs. “We are looking district to district. We are also looking at how to get to the corners that we don’t usually get to, “adds Tarafa.

Barcelona doesn’t have a list yet of the equipment to be handed over: the city council is studying each district

However, some health centers in other municipalities already have the most advanced influenza campaign organization. For example, him CAP Sant Andreu de la Barca. “They have given us a ‘casal’ that the city council has given us and that we will set up based on the ventilation and hygiene regulations, with the entrances and exits well marked. We will do the fat of the vaccination there “, he explains. Laura Marin, nurse of this health center.

Marín recalls that the flu vaccine is aimed at the “vulnerable population” (over 65 years of age, health personnel with any other person with risk conditions) and that, given that the CAPs are currently “red zones”, the purpose is to “that people go as little as possible”. “For that reason, among other things, the primary school is doing so many telephone screenings, so that there are no accumulations of people,” he adds.

First the sanitary and older

As every year, the first doses that arrive of the vaccine will be to vaccinate the sanitary and the elders of the residential centers, where the infirmary (also, as every year) will move. The following quota will be directed to home care, that is, to those people who cannot leave home. “The novelty this year will be the incorporation of the ‘casals’. Those over 65 will go there to get the vaccine, or other people with previous pathologies. Those who are to receive the dose will have the guarantee not only of vaccination, but also of adequate hygienic standards, of maintaining a safe distance and of good hand hygiene, “says this nurse.

One of the purposes of this year’s flu campaign is also to reach the maximum possible people to prevent the population from getting sick and the dreaded collapse of the health system. There is, among health authorities, concern about how the health would affect pressure of two epidemics.

The toilets will see how it will overload, even more so, your workday. In Catalonia there are between 18,000 and 23,000 nurses missing

“We seek an approach not only individual, but also community, so that the maximum number of people are vaccinated and thus not collapse the health system”, says the nurse Alba Brugués, President of the Family and Community Nursing Association (AIFiCC). Brugués explains that there is also talk of installing tents to carry out the vaccination, although the nursing staff (the person in charge of dispensing the vaccines) prefer “buildings”.

This fall, toilets will also see their workday. The plan to strengthen primary care that Salut announced for this fall and until 2022 includes the hiring of 220 more nurses. But, according to calculations by the Infermeres de Catalunya union, the community needs between 18,000 and 23,000 counting CAPs and hospitals. “We will adjust to the ‘tempos’ that the circumstances mark. Sometimes we will do a double shift. It will be a big overload, but there are no nurses, although there are formulas,” Brugues resigned. Salut foresees that this year winter viruses will increase CAP activity by 25%.



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