Sport won SaiPan 3-0 in the only SM league match of the evening. SaiPa’s season has begun sadly as it is in the losing streak of five matches.

The club has only one win out of seven matches.

What was special about Wednesday’s match was that all the scorers made their first hit of the season in the match.

The people of Vaasa were able to open a goal account towards the end of the opening round thanks to a penalty shot. SaiPan Jaakko Lantta hook ran through Emil Erholtzia with such force that the referee showed a penalty shot.

Defender put as a shooter Valtteri Viljanen curled up and tempered with his bet, but the hard wrist shot eventually sank behind Matej Tomek’s back. This was Viljanen’s first goal of the season.

Other goal scorers were Juho Liuksiala and Sebastian Stålberg. For 30-year-old Stålberg, the goal was even the first in the Finnish Championship League.

In the situation of Sport Jesse Paukku fought on the end disc and delivered a game tool Jonne Virtanen. Virtanen baited the goal back to Pauku. At the same time, a Swedish striker managed to sneak in front of the goal, who hit the goal from a very close distance.

Sport is currently ninth in the series and in the winning streak of three matches.