On Wednesday, a dancer legend saw the light of day Åke Blomqvistin biography and at the unveiling was a percussionist Saija Tuupanen.

He says he started touring in July after a long corona break.

– The time started quickly and now September has gone really close. There have been nice people, but this time can be seen in many ways at gigs, Tuupanen tells Iltalehti.

Tuupanen regrets how much adversity Korona has had in the music and events industry. There have also been fewer people at his gigs.

– There have been no masses of people on the move like last autumn. People get a lot of posts that are boring for gigs. This has been a tight spring without subsidies and yes it will work on the wallet, says Saija Tuupanen, and states that she has survived with her savings.

– Fortunately, sometimes you have figured out how to put something on your sock!

There is also concern about our own colleagues.

– Here we go week by week. Terribly impossible to plan ahead, this time has taught it.

One good thing about the exception period has followed – Saija has been able to spend more time with her boyfriend comedian Sami Hedbergin with.

– It has helped in many ways here. Of course we have been together all along. It comes with that sense of togetherness when both can share their thoughts on this situation. This time has brought us closer.

The main character of the biography, dance teacher Åke Blomqvist, became acquainted with Tuupanen at Tango Market.

“Positivity for people”

Making a book about his father was a dance teacher To Clara Blomqvist year-long project. At an event at her dance school, she said she wanted to tell about her father’s life, not so much in the history of dance – even though Åke was a big part of it.

– We did this closely and during the corona it was easy to break away from other chores and we got a well-organized time for this, Clara is happy.

Many remember Åke Blomqvist’s example of his famous disco dance video, which can still be seen on Youtube. Blomqvist died of an illness at the age of 87 in September 2013.

– Dad was a gentleman of the old covenant and his goal was always to get people in a good mood and have fun, whatever the means. It was the red thread of her life, and that book is about it, says Clara Blomqvist.

She hasn’t held dance classes with students for a moment because of the corona.

– Dancing is currently the thing to be avoided!

He hopes the situation will improve by next spring. Clara made dance instructional videos with a dance teacher Helena Ahti-Hallbergin published on the Elevent live site.

– Korona has depressed people, we have wanted to bring them joy and positivity.