Sad detail about the Xbox Series X: how much space you have for games, actually

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If you thought that 512GB is enough for gaming if you get an Xbox Series S or 1TB shouldn’t bother you on the Xbox Series X, you’re wrong.

Just like on a 64GB iPhone you can’t store 64GB of data, Microsoft has failed to tell you in the marketing materials for future consoles that the available space will be much smaller than on the box. From one point of view, the phenomenon was predictable, but no one expected such a discrepancy.

In theory, the new Xbox Series consoles should reach first-time buyers starting November 10th. However, it seems that some stores made a mistake and delivered the units ordered earlier. It didn’t take long for a Reddit user to detail his experience, starting with free space.

If I buy you an Xbox Series S, which comes bundled with a 512GB SSD, you will have access to only 364GB for installing video games. Similarly, the Series X has a 1TB SSD from which you can use an absolutely shocking value of only 802GB. In other words, we are talking about 30% of the Series S space and 20% of the space of a Series X console that is sacrificed for the operating system and other console functions.

The values ​​are exaggerated in many ways and, unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will have an explanation too soon or ever. For reference, if you draw a parallel between the operating system on the console and an installation of Windows 10, both created by Microsoft, you can not get to 150 or 200GB. of sacrificed space.

A Windows 10 can also be installed in 32GB of space. Windows 10 tablets that only have so much space are also sold. If you feel generous, you could understand the sacrifice of 64GB for this purpose, but Microsoft might disappoint many fans with these values.

Apparently, in addition to the operating system, much of that sacrificed space is dedicated to the Quick Resume feature, which allows you to quickly jump from one game to another. When you use Quick Resume, it’s like “hibernating” a game, and its entire volume of data is transposed to the SSD.

If you don’t have enough gaming space, you can purchase a 1TB external Seagate SSD. At $ 220, however, it costs almost as much as the Series S console.


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