Ryan Reynolds trolls Dwayne Johnson on the gate: “It opened on the other side”

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Ryan Reynolds teases Dwayne Johnson by responding to the post about the gate ripped off by the muscular actor.

Troll: Write annoying or provocative comments online towards someone.
It’s not serious if you don’t know this term. Indeed, it means that you are not yet completely swallowed up by the delusional world of virtual interactions on social networks. But now you know what that means, so you are corrupt too.

It got there tragic news on what happened at the poor gate of the villa of Dwayne Johnson? Due to a blackout, the electrical system for opening was not working and he, who was in a hurry, got out of the car and he tore the gate up with his bare hands, documenting the unexpected on his Instagram account from 198 million followers.
Among the 70 thousand comments that rained down on the photo of the corpse of the gate that lay lifeless on the ground, there is also that of Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds e Johnson they are shooting the film together Red Notice, produced by Netlifx, which was back in production a few days after the suspension of filming last March. It was on the set of this film that he had to go The Rock, when the gate thought (badly) not to open. The two actors have known each other for fifteen years and have a great harmony in terms of sense of humor, as you may have noticed in the scenes of Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw in which they act together.
Having seen the colleague’s post on the gate, Ryan Reynolds ha trollato Dwayne Johnson without hesitation (or if you prefer the good Italian of the past, scoffed at him), writing “the gate opened on the OTHER side”. The likes of this comment are about 65 thousand, while the emojis with the loud laughter of both fans are countless.



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